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August 04, 2004

Anheuser Busch rewards stadium construction workers with free beer "The brewery and the team provided a thank-you meal for hundreds of construction workers, and Anheuser-Busch gave each a six-pack of Budweiser brewed on Wednesday."
As appreciated as it might be, is this really the right reward for hard working men and women who use heavy machinery? Calling it Busch Stadium doesn't mean everyone there should be plotzed does it?
One Man's God Squad: Troy Newman's plan to stop abortions in Wichita, Kansas. Newman and his staff have spent months compiling a list of more than 200 "abortion collaborators" -- companies that do business with Women's Health Care Services and its employees. They plan to approach every firm on the list -- from the guy who mows the clinic's lawn to the cafe that sells Tiller his morning latte -- and lobby them to stop doing business with the facility. more inside
Curious George: Mefi New Member Sign Up? Noticed this on the Aug 3 entry on the mefi mainpage: Still working on solidifying everything before turning new user signups back on. Are there plans to start up new memberships again? And if yes, what will happen if you get a Mefi membership? Will you keep monkeying about or start hanging with the big blue mama?
The Liberal Case Against John Kerry - "When I was done cutting, there were only two lines left."
Can you read people’s thoughts by just looking at them? - This article is 2 years old, but I missed it the first time and it is fascinating. Malcolm Gladwell interviewed people who study facial expressions for meaning (and indexed about 3,000 of them) for a living. If you're interested in anthropolgy or psychology or sociology at all, this is a great--although long--read.
Convergence Kills. An interesting (and long) take on why Apple is so angry about Real's DRM circumvention. Via Coolfer
At 300# per lift, the damage these soldiers can make will be unimaginable... but who cares about all that! THESE SUITS ARE THE SHIZNIT!
Even superheros have to go through adolescence. [short film, via ifilm]
Christian Traders, "the first Internet investment community that recognizes that Jesus is Lord, not money."
The Center For Consumer Freedom have several websites (ActivistCash.com, BMIscale.com, NeoProhibition.com etc..) and runs commercials to inform and protect us from "the growing fraternity of food cops, health care enforcers, militant activists, meddling bureaucrats, and violent radicals" but are in fact a fake front for corporate America and FOX news that want us to buy their products (oh and die from diabetes, cancer, heart disease and liver failure.) more inside
A previously unrecognised Daguerrotype Portrait of the Young Abraham Lincoln has been identified, apparently. The image previously thought to be the earliest of Lincoln is from around 1848 when he was 39, but the new image seems to show a ten-years younger "handsome, aristocratic, and tastefully groomed" Lincoln... or someone who happened to look just like him. But it has been authenticated by a cranial expert. Well, a neurologist/psychiatrist. more inside
Rivers Cuomo's Harvard Application Essay With funny fanboy comments.
Forget the Citation Index. You can now simply cast your vote for the best scientist. The list of nominees includes Doctor Strangelove, Mr Spock and Doctor Frankenstein.
Busted! German teen discovered to be the originator of 70% of computer viruses in the world. A lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief. Seems someone turned in Sven Jaschan for the $250k reward Microsoft® is offering. Will the Brits use this as another reason to hate the Germans?
The Science of Getting Rich. Certainly not scientific, and probably not what you are expecting. Capitalist mysticism? Alas, the other titles by the wonderfully named Wallace D. Wattles, such as The Science of Well-Being and The Science of Being Excellent, are not available on-line.
Monkeehub. This is where babies jam animations are made. [Flash, via Milk and Cookies.]
Sex Slave You've seen the action figure. Now see the making of a hero.
Looptracks. (Flash?) I was addicted for an hour straight. Via Yahoo, of all places.
There is a place in Spain that is the ideal spot to watch a bullfight for the first time... I a referring to the town of Ronda. -Ernest Hemmingway [nsfw]
Going places you're not supposed to go. Toronto drain tunnels and beyond!