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August 03, 2004

Looptracks. (Flash?) I was addicted for an hour straight. Via Yahoo, of all places.
There is a place in Spain that is the ideal spot to watch a bullfight for the first time... I a referring to the town of Ronda. -Ernest Hemmingway [nsfw]
Going places you're not supposed to go. Toronto drain tunnels and beyond!
Spider-Man reviews crayons - It's just silly and it's not even Friday.
. : The Living Room Candidate : . The American Museum of the Moving Image has an interesting online exhibit of 250 or so campaign commercials from 1952 (Ike had the first) to 2004. [You may view them at multiple resolutions in either Real or WMA format]
HomeRun! (Flash game, SFW, unless you get in trouble for arranging impromptu tournements with your coworkers, ahem) more inside
What the hell? more inside
Slightly obscure music news. Holy flibberty gibbet! Slint are back! more inside
Maggots are making a medical comeback and Dr. Maggot is leading the charge. Maggots and leeches have been approved by the FDA as medical "devices." more inside
Ashcroft orders public libraries to destroy law books via BoingBoing
We're living longer than ever, and the population of elderly is about to double. But Stanford researchers say our approach to aging is stuck in a time warp. [Via WorldChanging.]
We demand to know what race she is. President Bush's re-election campaign insisted on knowing the race of an Arizona Daily Star journalist assigned to photograph Vice President Dick Cheney. A tale of security, racial-profiling, a new status quo? more inside
No Pity. No Shame. No Silence. "I wondered for a moment what it would look like if just for one day, everyone who had survived sexual violence were visible as a survivor, if we could actually see the extent of it, if we could all know just how very not-alone we are. I wondered how angry and sad it would make me to know. I wondered how much power there might be in the truth." more inside
Monkey Bites Toddler In New York City Supermarket Ok, which one of you NYC MoFi'ers bit the kid?
Online pay-per-view comics:
Love, death, pigeons, gigantic snatchy hand-things, and brain-bent princesses run amok in Wary Tales. Six fun online comics for $.50 payable thru' Bitpass. Scott McCloud's The Morning Improv is $.25/installment, also via Bitpass. Links via e-sheep's Apocamon (thru' Bitpass too.) Previously discussed over there. Are comic "micropayments" here to stay? Is this a good way to support comics creators directly?
Team America: World Police - coming in Oct. from Trey Parker and Matt Stone. (imdb)
Curious George: Big mouths in New York. No, I'm not referring to verbal behavior. Rather I've been noticing a pattern with typical Caucasian women from the northeast U.S. having larger mouths and fuller lips, compared to those here in Texas. more inside
Jim McDermott: Draft bad! Me support draft! - This F9/11 star is sure that a military draft is coming if Bush is reelected, and is using that to stir up young people. Oddly, he is also co-sponsoring legislation to reinstate the draft. more inside
The Incredibly Evil Machine [flash] Yet ANOTHER fun pointless flash animation.
ever want to design your own hell? I was amused.