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July 23, 2004

Colin Powell: YMCA. I was shocked to find no link to this on MeFi. Via Insomnia. more inside
A Matter of Taste.
Blogs Write About Reporters Writing About Blogs Now this is just getting silly. Kos points out how silly the coverage of bloggers that will be covering the Democratic Convention.
One reporter asked Jerome of MyDD what he would be covering at the convention. Jerome replied, "I'll be writing about you writing about me." It's getting to be that absurd.
I hear the that (hold your hats) the television media is going to film bloggers at their laptops. Now that's riveting TV.
One-Letter Words. All-Consonant Words. Strange and unusual dictionaries.
The Invisible Toilet
a steak, a girl, a fur bikini=???
What is not on the net. Marylaine Block, librarian and creator of the excellent Best Information on the Net, provides a much-needed reality check on the idea that you can find it all with the click of a mouse. "Because of the inordinate cost of digitizing, lack of interest, and copyright issues, most of the world's information will NEVER be on the internet, or at least not for free." Yes, the essay is a couple of years old, and yes, it's impressionistic, but it's true, and will continue to be true for many years to come. Go visit your local library and refresh your research skills.
Unabridged Letters of Van Gogh Genius sorted by topic (Art, Food-and-Drink, Health, Psychology, etc) and searchable. "As far as I understand it, we of course agree perfectly about black in nature. Absolute black does not really exist. But like white, it is present in almost every colour, and forms the endless variety of greys, - different in tone and strength. So that in nature one really sees nothing else but those tones or shades." more inside
Transportation Futuristics. Hover cars. Monorails. Escape pods. You know.
One more reason I won't be joining the military any time soon. US military have developed a dried food ration that troops can hydrate by adding the filthiest of muddy swamp water or even peeing on it. I can see the benefits of these rations, and the science behind the packaging is amazing but it's still disgusting. more inside
Anti-SUV Some folks have taken to the web to discourage the SUV fad. ...and express their feelings about the gas guzzlin H2. Now you can add your 2 cents.
Presbyterian Church of USA is divesting itself of investments in Israel.
MeatShake Taste the Secret!
Muu! Hva
Curious George It seems there is a lot of material out there that ridicules W, much more so than for previous presidents. (I'm not complaining though) A lot of it doesn't appear to have a root in something he has said or done (example, the W playing cards) although much of it is quite justified. I am a young monkey so I might not have the memory needed to make a comparison. So I ask you : is W the butt of more jokes than our former chiefs, or do I just not remember the others?
The W is for Wanton Words that will never be used to describe this playing card deck of vintage George W. Bush erotica: "hauntingly beautiful."
Dance, and drink, and screw. Because there's nothing else to do. In which William Shatner covers Pulp's Common People, as previously promised. My brain has just launched legal action against my ears. (Quicktime, 2MB, large snippet of song) more inside
"She's Lost Control." Joy Division, George W. Bush, nipple wrenches and a gimp. [NSFW, .wmv, via Fleshbot.]
Talking Points: They're True Because They're Said A Lot Real media (you monkeys have been warned).