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July 22, 2004

Talking Points: They're True Because They're Said A Lot Real media (you monkeys have been warned).
Australia. Crap, apparently. Oddly enough, this masterpiece of spittle-flecked venom wrought in HTML is not, in fact, by a New Zealander.
It was easy to overlook 97 Orchard Street. The building was but one of the thousands of tenements that sprouted up on the Lower East Side during the nineteenth century.
Let's talk body odor. Would you want to know?(via Obscure Store) more inside
Ethnologue - Want to learn where different languages are spoken and approximately how many people speak the language? This is your site. For instance: Languages of the USA
Human Timeline Do you know when humans first migrated from Africa? When did humans first plant seeds? When did the Neanderthals die out? A handy guide. more inside
This site has both Castlevania AND Streetfighter. It doesn't get more non-productive at work than that.
Seymour Hersh A.C.L.U. address video (Real Player). Also in transcript form. Introduction: ". . .it's so ironic, ... the best information we may get about this election may come from a combination of John Sayles, Fahrenheit 9-11, The Control Room and the nightly news by John Stewart."
This being my first online community experience, I found this link to be especially interesting. I had no idea trolling and the response to it was so, um, multi-layered.
The Complete Works of HP Lovecraft
A fan trailer for an incredible looking film.
'New Body of Art' Series (NSFW)
Dozens of cute japanese fisheye puppy pictures and two kittens. Discuss.
Blair blames Chirac for war on Iraq. This just gets funnier. more inside
Curious George Post-apocalyptic novels? Any monkeys know any good ones (MI) more inside
Cuddle Party
Yet another reason that we will not be spared when our alien overlords take over the planet. Seriously, I've got to see this.
"Monkey Apes Humans By Walking on Two Legs"
The picture is killing me. nicked from WAXY, as per usual.
A British magpie named Thatcher has been banned from his regular Pub The clever bird enjoyed drinking lager so much he would steal it from patrons - and sometimes attack their kids - and squawk angrily if not given his beer. Yes, this post is both a weird animal story and about beer - subjects very close to my heart. This link also contains a picture of a guy drinking a pint - be warned - may cause thirstiness more inside
Curious George: RSS Ehrm, am I the only one who reads MonkeyFilter through an RSS reader? I often get strange errors in the RSS feed. Wrong linkage, or just malformed posts. Take for example the html from the RSS of the previous post:
more inside
The 8-year legal fight over the 9,200-year-old skeleton of Kennewick Man than with American Indians) is finally over, but the scientists face a new wrangle: access to the remains. more inside