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July 12, 2004

Parkspliced. From the People who brought you the magnificent London Booted (Previously on Mofi here.), a track by track of Blur's Brit-pop masterpiece, Parklife. Complete with a bonus disc of mashes of all of the albums B-Sides. There is some fantastic stuff here. Download and play loud. And DONATE.
The next phase of the Brood X invasion: little cicada nypmhs, sprinkling down from the leaves in a horrifying rain of sesame-seed-sized larvae with beady red eyes. The news says that at twilight it'll be like a shower of sparklies from the trees. Isn't anyone concerned about getting these things in their hair and skin? (More permanent link for when that AP story expires.)
Have you seen this shirt? "Your search will begin in the United States of America, but may lead you to places such as the beaches of Europe or the lands of the Orient and Asia." Reminds me a little of Flat Stanley, except, you know, with a profit motivation.
The Arcade Flyer Archive
Lord Whimsy: In these times of depressing news of postponed elections and Executive scandal, I'm just glad there are people like Lord Whimsy. Not to be confused with Lord Whimsey (pdf). His charts are enlessly entertaining. His essays are funny and smart. I think we all could take a lesson from How to Become a Bon Vivant. But does he have a livejournal, you ask? Yes he does.
Humiliated, Angry, Ashamed, Brown. Shoreline Community College student Ian Spiers photographs Seattle landmark for class assignment. Interesting photo essay and Homeland Security hijinks ensue.
Cheney Faces Criminal Indictments . . from the French. Oh and the SEC as well. so says capitolhillblue [via linkfilter.] more inside
I presume it is your intention to start upon a Vaudeville career.
We bid him peace. Jeff Smith, better know as The Frugal Gourmet, died Friday at age 65. "He always worked under the premise that you could take the fanciest cuisine and if you dug hard enough you could reduce it to its peasant form .. When it was all said and done, the peasant form was the foundation of all cooking for him." His was my first favorite cooking show.
Flossing Haiku! Brought to you by the National Flossing Council. Yes, you too can Help Spread Peace of Mouth with Smiley the NFC spokesperson!
The Future Has Returned! This morning, shortly after 10am EST 97x, consistently cited as one of the best independent radio stations in America, restarted thier webcast after going silent two months ago when they sold their terrestrial signal. more inside
Postpone the election? The Bush administration is reported to be investigating the possibility of postponing the presidential election in the event of a terror attack. more inside
The Forbidden Library.
The illustrated story of copyright This is an online version of the out-of-print book of the same name, on the author's homepage (all rights reserved). The perspective is American, of course, but it still makes interesting reading for the rest of us.
Fuck the Vote! (NSFW)
I, the undersigned, pledge my vote for anyone but George W. Bush on November 2, 2004 in return for getting laid or at least getting some play.
So from multiple previous posts and from about town, most of you are probably aware that I am an musicblogger (AKA mp3 blogger AKA audioblogger). A musicblogger is a person who offers interesting, out of print, rare or otherwise engaging music to people at no charge, simply out of love for the sound and to promote artists that they would like to see get more popular. (LINKS OUT THE WAZOO INSIDE...) more inside
Lobsters After copulation, the female huddled in a corner of the shelter while her new shell hardened. In exchange, she left her old shell as a postcoital snack for the male. He began nibbling a few minutes after dismounting
Responsible Shopper. An excellent site for people who prefer to consume with a conscience. View detailed reports on hundreds of companies, with info relating to labor, environmental, human rights, and safety practices. Find out why some of us won't give our cash to Nike, Shell, or Taco Bell. more inside
U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov Vote in Case of Attack These guys will truly do anything to stay in power. Sickening. via Jonathon (in my comments section).
Pennsylvania Man Claims Dubya Flipped Him Off During a Rally in PA [via Kottke]