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July 08, 2004

Coolest man in world undergoing heart surgery. Scotty stricken with debilitating disease. Brando dead, along with half the Beatles and a good chunk of the Ramones. Townsend defamed. Dylan in Victoria Secret advertisements. Lou Reed inaudible. Jagger more disgusting than ever. Bono lame beyond belief. How are members of my generation expected to deal with our slowly ageing idols? more inside
Ridge Warns of Election Terror Plot Hmmm, not that I would ever imply that this administration would do such a thing, but could this be a conspiracy to keep folks away from the polls come November? Looks like Florida 2000 might have been just a warm up... more inside
Curious George: Let's be friends. I'm curious how many monkeys have been stuck in the "friend zone". more inside
Black people hate my glasses -End credits NSFW (via Memepool)
Read those [monkey] minds - (New Scientist). High cognitive brain waves decoded by hardwiring monkeys to science. Alternatively you can study more advanced primates brainwaves, but they may not be so willing .
My cat Annie and the naughtybird. [There's lots of other fun stuff at zefrank.] Thanks to all the MoFites who offered excellent cat counsel!
Couple has sex on stage during concert (very likely NSFW)"As Kristopher Schau and his band C--shots were in the middle of their concert; a young couple entered the stage, stripped and had sex." Which is all very well, but the point of the post is - Where's the most unusual place you've . . y'know more inside
wget to the rescue. Having trouble keeping up with all those mp3 blogs? This guy has figured out a way to scrape all the new audio files from your favourite sites. more inside
Am I the only person on the planet that hates cell phones? Um. . .apparently notthe ONLY one.
Useful insults for your next dental staff meeting, courtesy of Dental Town, an online magazine for dentists featuring such valuable articles as, "I Just Got Two Cancellations! NOW WHAT?
Tales of Future Past The tomorrows of yesterday.
11 dead as bush crashes in afghanistan(NYT) no kidding. this is the current headline on the new york times. i suppose it may be corrected soon, but what an apt typo, except for the numbers.
Weird Animal News Akimbo - A military veteran, two poodles and a cop are attacked by the groundhog from hell, Australian researchers feel the need to study transvestite cuttlefish but they need your help, Wild British Parrots that are not dead and not pining for the fjords, the Leopards that ate Bombay (perhaps this is a job for Pavitr Prabhakar?), plus the bizarre creatures that once inhabitted the balmy tropical paradise of Scotland. Yes, I wrote Scotland. Brought to you as ever by mean Uncle Nostril.
The Great Ape-scape ...or the Magnificent Seven ride again. Freedom lovin', 'supply' flingin gorillas. More power to the monkeys! (via Fark, sorry)
Naval Operations in an Ice-Free Arctic. This government symposium took place in 2001 but was a sobering highlight of my web surfing this evening. "Submarine data reveal a 40% decrease in arctic sea ice volume ... These trends translate into a possibility that the US Navy will be required to operate in the Arctic ... New capabilities will be required in many aspects of air, space, surface and subsurface operations and support."
via the sneeze
Save Loomis SFW but careful on the links. more inside
Curious Ceorge Is it possible to train a kitten to be an indoor cat, or are some felines just born to roam?
Spy-der Man He's your less than friendly neighborhood attorney general.
An interview with Mahabir Pun, the man behind Nepal's WiFi project for villages and farmers. more inside