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July 05, 2004

Bush primate references "misguided and demeaning." "... Such comparisons overemphasize physical similarities between Bush and chimpanzees while downplaying important differences in genetics, behavior, and natural habitat." more inside
Spoisco News: "Bananas + Reefers + Fruit." I believe the reefers in question are this kind. I was inspired to Google by Will the Banana Split?, by Bob Carty.
Knit your own edible panties! And other interesting definitely-not-grannystyle craft patterns in Sex and the Knitty.
AIDS in India: South Asia's smoldering threat. First of a Five-Part Series.
Flash Fiction Each story, whether traditional or experimental, proves that a tale told quickly offers pleasure long past its telling. This is serious fiction that's fun to read. more inside
The number one hit for a Google Image Search for the word "monkey" is...
A Wordwork in Progress: Here's a sample from The Oxford English Dictionary in Limerick Form, more inside
I created my own reality by walking out of the theater I was roped in by my girlfriend into going to this dreck with her mom. We (my g-friend and I) walked out about an hour into it. What a load of pseudo scientific new age jargon. more inside
Ben Samuels Classic Golden Age Comic Book Cover Gallery
No matter who won, there would be a party somewhere in Toronto Congratulations to Greece, and party on, Danforth!
Star-Spangled Drinking Song. Did you know the melody of the US national anthem comes from an old booze tune?
Star Trek Star diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease - 84 year old James Doohan, legendary actor who portrayed Scotty on the original Star Trek, and a World War II veteran, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. All of our old icons, the most recogniseable marks on our psychological landscape, are slowly fading away.
All Hail Kobayashi, the Hot Dog King! 53½ wieners in 12 minutes... a world record. Let's see Turkmenbashi do something like that! more inside