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July 03, 2004

From the Landscape of Algeria - A beautiful collection of pictures of the cities and the villages of Algeria, and a historic and geographical preview of every Algerian province.
The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 was the 18th Century's equivalent of the Patriot Act, and its most famous victim was Benjamin Franklin's grandson.
Josh Marshall Interviews Joe Biden A must read for people interested in the neoconservative movement and the war on terrorism. more inside
Meqon Physics Demo (links to a .zip file). Playing with this is more fun than most games. more inside
Employees at the Providence Public Library are fuming. Staff at this public library in the US have set up a website to state their side of the case and gather support from the public as they face unemployment or significant changes in working conditions. As a library worker myself, I can only sympathise with them.
Muffler Men ...They're big. They're scary. And there are hundreds of them. Back off ladies, he's taken
Welcome to Fork in th' Road Used Cars!
Whether you're looking for amphibious vehicles or swamp buggys; if you're a midget or a mobster (perhaps you could star in your very own pursuitwatch?); we carry nothing but the highest quality in crazily acronymed rolling superstars. This week's special: hempcars. Like for the environment, ya know? Just don't breathe the exhaust.
Can't get you of my head. No, really.
You whores. A website set up by Bill 'KLF' Drummond, where you can sell your services. (safe for work)
They're requesting UN observers to over see the election--just to insure its fairness. Did I mention the election in question is for the US president--and the "they" are several members of the US House of Representatives?