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July 01, 2004

Kissability Permanent Makeup 'Look like yourself, only better'!!! more inside
The Wonderful World of The World Famous *BOB* 'There are boobs and there is *BOB* - New York City's self-described "female-female impersonator"'
Why Baltimore House Music is the new Dylan.
Stolen kisses How can this be an actual court ruling? Seems to me like it was unwelcome and unwarranted.
Curious, George: CD burning software for windows. more inside
Compassionate Conservatism The blog Non Prophet reports that the conservative interest group Focus on the Family sent Michael Moore's home adress to their email list. Ted Barlow of Crooked Timber called FOTF and confirmed, with a staff woker that wished not to be named, that Moore's address sent out to the group's supporters.
Law gets Virginia workers Saturdays or Sundays off Robertson and another attorney said an increasing number of employees will probably take advantage of the law once the legislature's error becomes widely known. Well then, let me help get the word out.
Euro2004 goals animated in stunning 2D! Probably NSFW!!!!!111one more inside
The Book of Sand -- The pages of the Book of Sand are infinite and randomly numbered. The pages of Borges' story The Book of Sand, as presented here, are also randomly numbered, but conveniently, there are only eight of them. Can you put the pages in the proper order?
Politics as pop culture. (via ArtsJournal)
I like Armenian music, baby/Do you like Armenian music?/We like all kinds of music./ more inside
House of Jerky. Need I say more?
Mperia. So what is Mperia? The long version: Mperia is designed to let independent artists sell their work directly to their audience. We're also here to facilitate the independent music community, by allowing independent musicians and fans to connect together. The short version: We're here to damn The Man and fight the power. more inside
The Fahrenheit 9/11 backlash? I noticed the (mostly) positive reviews by our monkeys of Michael Moore's new movie. But even with this being a controversial film, Google News served up a heaping helping of negative reviews when I was browsing the news this morning. more inside
Cleanliness is Godliness Einstein, 1939, after Nazis and Commies united, proposed spacebombs that destroy all, unless we finally teach the Moral ABC's the real Rabbi Hillel taught Jesus to unite all in All-One-God-Faith. As teach astronomers Abraham-Israel-Moses-Buddha-Hillel-Jesus-Spinoza-Pain-Sagan & Mohammed, insired every 76 years, 6000 years by Messenger of God's Law, the Messiah, Halley's Comet: "WE'RE ALL ONE OR NONE!"
The Left-Handed: Benefit or curse?
Do Not Call Still bugged by telemarketers, even though you're on a 'Do Not Call' registry? Try this script! This script creates an imbalance in the conversation between the marketer and the consumer. It is this imbalance, most of all, that makes telemarketing successful. The EGBG Counterscript attempts to redress that balance. Print and put next to your phone!
iSketch (shockwave) more inside
Thousands of truckers, bus drivers and rest-stop workers are being enlisted to spot terrorists. It sounds like Operation TIPS is back. Can I have a Junior Homeland Security Fun Kit?