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June 27, 2004

Your All Gay. (Meerkats. Found via blort. The apostrophe issue is addressed.)
David Lee Roth's new career: emergency medical technician.
Lincoln Park Zoo Apes Get to Take Revenge "At the zoo's new Regenstein Center for African Apes, chimpanzees can touch a panel hidden from public view that will shoot harmless bursts of air at unsuspecting visitors." [Via Fark.]
The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged. George Packer, writing in Mother Jones, argues that blogs are ineffective vehicles for political discourse. This appears to be a rebuttal to Lev Grossman's pro-blog article in Time Magazine: Meet Joe Blog. (MeFi link.)
How to pick a lock...in case you were wondering. [.pdf file]
"The Boys"
"In 1997, Predator helped set up Catalyst, a radical community activist tech collective in Sydney, Australia. He also wrote a 230 page weblog on his experience with cancer from the time he was diagnosed until three days before his death. His blog portrays a poignant story which documents thoroughly the ups and downs, the triumphs and turmoil of everyday life in this, our battle for a better world." more inside
Electronik - Supersonik! Inside tank of fuel is not fuel...is love. more inside
George W. Bush's web site is running a campaign ad that compares Kerry to Hitler. When one watchs the ad, though, one finds that the Hitler excerpts are actually from Moveon.org ads. more inside
80's nostalgia Colouring for KIDS HUGE assortment of Coloring book-type stuff for KIDS!!! Some are NOT safe for kids...LOL more inside
FAHRENHEIT 9/11 BOFFO B.O.!!! FAHRENHEIT 9/11 tops WHITE GIRLS and DODGE BALL pulling in over 8.2 millon just on Saturday. I always wanted to post something that had "boffo b.o." in the title ;-)