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June 25, 2004

Here's a homemade trailor for Office Space Wars - a homemade trailor setting Office Space in the Star Wars galaxy. It made me laugh hard. (WARNING: 30 mg file .wmv file) [via the double Boing] more inside
How Aghhhnohld saves $14 million.
A brief and salty exchange Dick Cheney, enraged by flashbulbs, tears away from his restraints and handlers. Rampaging, profiteering, and some tender personal advice on a very special "I Love Dick"
Porn for shy male gorilla. A ZOO is planning to show its 'shy' male gorilla explicit tapes of other primates mating to get it to make a move on his female companions. more inside
"Frankly, part of our problem is a lot of the press are afraid to travel very much, so they sit in Baghdad and they publish rumors," Paul Wolfowitz declared Tuesday.
Hello Kitty has no mouth. And yet... (An oldie, but a goodie)
It's Friday! Time for another Fantasy RPG comic! via ask.metafilter via pvp
Spider Man is Gay And other juvenile-but-really-really-funny jokes. [Keep refreshing for new strips.]
Love Chess. A small Dutch software development studio has created a computer game of chess in which Greek and Trojan gods make love on the chessboard: "The game features beautiful 3D scenery and state-of-the-art realistic models where players are free to roam and watch the chess pieces make love from every angle they want." (Probably NSFW, in a computerized statues porn kinda way...)
Saudi Flights After 9/11 - How well does Michael Moore's film Farenheit 9/11 corollate with these facts, since Moore's premise is that Bush is in bed with everyone from the Saudis to the Bin Laden family? Having not seen the film yet, I'm curious what this does to Moore's central argument. more inside
The Titanic in 30 Seconds. Performed in Flash by cartoon bunnies. From the same folks who brought you The Shining and The Exorcist. Via ABS.
Not the Happy Hookers.
My mother says that since I am going to burn in the next life, it is her duty to set fire to me in this one.
When I realized I was pregnant I told Ahmad ... He said "...The best thing to do is kill yourself."
Harrowing stories from Iranian brothel workers.
"Women with cosmetic breast implants are more likely to commit suicide, a new study says..." Apparently the rate is three times the "norm." Test was conducted on Finnish women, if that matters. It is suggested that there be psychological screening of those seeking the surgery.
Have you ever been to The Meguro Parasitological Museum? If not, why don't you go there with me? Thousands and thousands of parasites are waiting for you. Come with me! This way! Oh, I see. You feel bad. Push this "Exit" to go back the first page.
Blackjack A description, history, and recommended strategy of one of the simplest card games in the casino.
Living the Star Trek experience in your very own Star Trek apartment. more inside
Super Baby Say hello to the baby who can beat you up.
Aet of Japanese Postcards: here are early 20th century Japanese artists working in Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles as postcards became sucessors to woodblock prints in Japan.
"What are Movie-List Classics? Some trailers which are no longer (or never have been) available on the 'net, have been Re-encoded, in high resolution picture and sound, and made available for Movie-List users. These are Movie-List Classics, and new ones are added each week." Kiss Friday productivity goodbye. You're welcome.
The Worst Music on the iTunes Music Store iTunes software required to view link (otherwise only a blank page turns up). The Tiny Tim song is the worst IMHO. And the recording of Schwarzenneger's workout tape with "It's Rainin' men" in the background the best overall.