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June 24, 2004

A naturally caffeine-free coffee plant has been found growing wild in Ethiopia. "This wild plant produces a naturally decaffeinated coffee bean. It's a product for those who don't like GM organisms and who like the taste of non-decaffeinated coffee," he said.
Spider-Man comics as you've never seen them before. Keep hitting "refresh." Very NSFW, NSF-the easily-offended.
Curious George: Internet radio. I'm alone working on a big project right now and badly need to hear some tunes. I want any pointers for good grass-roots "Internet radio" that has good college style flavor (like a mix of indy/retro/bubbling-under). I don't even know where to start looking. I've been listening to some big FM simulcasts from the UK but the content is either overplayed hits, annoying hip hop, or ads. I went to one US college station I know of but they had a baseball game going.
Walk the East Coast Greenway "Walkers, cyclists, and other trail advocates have joined forces around an audacious project, a 2,600 mile traffic-free path linking East Coast cities from Maine to Florida. Launched only 10 years ago, this vision for an urban alternative to the highly popular Appalachian Trail is quickly becoming a reality."
So, does a journey of 2,600 miles begin with 2.6 steps?
Beautious Magazine Art.
Microsoft patents Human Networking. No, really. - Patent No. 6,754,472. Take a look for yourself. (Via Slashdot among others)
<b>Curious George:</b> It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel... Ok, this is a rather odd, "get to know the monkeys" premise, but I'm intrigued by the concept... What would you do in the last six hours before the end of the world? more inside
The BeerClip! What is it? Well, of course, it's "a bottle opener and money clip all in one, discreetly holding your cash together until the next beer calls." Don't miss the Custom BeerClip featuring a squished souvenir penny. Heh.
Curious George: To sleep perchance to [not] dream? Inspired by this post on AskMe, I thought I'd appeal to fellow monkeys for help. more inside
Curious, George: Filling in PDF forms Why can't I fill out PDF forms directly on my Mac? Why must I print them out and fill them in by hand? (More inside) more inside
Movie characters driving in the city will get to park wherever they like when they get to their destination. A compendium of movie cliches. Nuff said.
The LinkSquare Project || because text is boring || more inside
The Surgeons Knot. Never knew it existed for shoes. Huh.
The Boscombe Bowmen. Archaeologists say that some of the builders of Stonehenge have been found.
The compleat "Deep Throat" in ASCII
Java and NSFW. Kind of. This is like those magic eyes things; I can never see what the hell is going on. more inside
Elias L Information on the trips L
Fiona Apple's new album may have been shelved by Sony, but that won't stop the music. The title track from her oft-delayed album has been leaked and can be downloaded here. [Via pop (all love)] more inside
Rodney King II. Police beatings are alive and well in LA. This morning's incident comes a week after the LAPD put numerous reforms into place following a Justice Department complaint.
Monkey Productions Presents: 20 Questions About the Candidates
I got 19 out of 20. Yay me. via Presurfer