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June 16, 2004

Curious George - REVENGE!! This question occured to me when I posted to the cat pee Curious George below. It was kind of a poetic revenge. So Monkey's, tell us of your best revenge stories...
Dave Winer Shut Down 3,000 Bloggers Without Warning more inside
critter-repellant. I was going to post this a month or so ago, when I first bought my jar of powdered fox urine, but forgot all about it until today. I wonder what reminded me... How do you suppose Brooklyn squirrels know what fox pee smells like, and that they should keep clear? more inside
There were supposed to be ten planes? There, some newsfilter. Just stop talking about urine for five seconds and focus on terrorists. Feel free to take the piss if you must, but not like that.
Urinal dot net: Because every urinal has a story. more inside
Restroom Ratings: "A special spot on the web for public bathroom reviews." All this, and postcards too!
Noddy (just to go with the flow of the day) has been voted the most popular children's TV programme in France. See, the French are very open to Anglo-Saxon culture really. Just leave the SUV behind.
I am well aware this is my second FPP today. And I am well aware that it has nothing to do with pee. And I am well aware this is via Presurfer. But you guys HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS. This little video is one of the funniest things I have ever, ever seen on the Internet. That said, possibly/probably NSFW (silly male nudity).
Calling All Bed Wetters! Helpful Hints, Resources and Support Group Info From The Man You Love To Hate. more inside
How to make a Urine Sample. Recipes do vary, though. Either way... cheers, pissheads!
How to pass a urine test
Urine recipe! "The following reagents will be necessary for the preparation of normal human urine." Thank you, National Association of Biology Teachers.
Urine Therapy From toughening up the skin to curing cancer, the medical community is gushing over this ancient, yet disturbing act also known as urotherapy. So next time you flush, think about how you are flushing that tasty panacea down the drain.
Stumbled across these disturbing photos of the Gulag. They're not really great photos. I like them because I like Russian history of the Stalinist era. If that period doesn't interest you, you could probably skip it.
James Joyce's Erotic Letters to Nora Barnacle - The title speaks for itself, and, yes, if dirty words are not safe for work, then this is NSFW. In addition, herein we surprisingly have proven Elizabeth Hoffman correct in her assertion that a certain expletive can be used as a term of endearment, and we have proven it with the words of the greatest of modern writers.
Build it and they will come? Having just come back from Dubai on holiday, which I would recommend to anyone. I was amazed at the massive development work that is currently on-going. You've got The Palm, The World. Also being built is a massive theme park Dubailand, incorporating it's very own indoor ski slope. But that's not all, there's also the Jumeriah Beach Residence, Arabian Ranches and the Burj Dubai (the worlds tallest tower), to name but a few of the projects currently on the go.
The Father of Electrtonic Music in Canada
Pitchformula. more inside
Monkey Pee, Monkey Poo If wanna know the truth, I just gotta go with the flow here .... You know what they say: Monkey pee, Monkey doo. more inside
"A well-timed blast of urine is the key to winning a crayfish fight, say researchers."
When in Rome, piss on it. more inside