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June 11, 2004

Curious George: I'm having relationship troubles. Is this all there is? more inside
The Spoonbill Generator gives you the opportunity to contribute to a collaborative work of verse. There are four poems and/or prose being written concurrently. To add a line to the poem just fill in the form at the bottom of the poem page. Over 1500 have been written, ranging from minor masterpieces to complete rubbish.
Take your places at the starting gate... From a MetaTalk thread:
After the server stabilizes, I'm going to open it back up. I'm still getting way too many jrun errors, but I think the site could use some new blood. posted by mathowie at 10:29 AM PST on June 11
You monkeys who slept through the last tiny window of opportunity: you know what to do.
Smokin Noses Women who SMOKE! as in -cough, cough- more inside
RSS. Some people are embracing the technology, while others are less enthusiastic. A good summary of the pros and cons of RSS can be found here. more inside
How to be a football faker more inside
Naked Bike Ride Tomorrow, June 12, many cyclist in many cities around the world will take off their clothes and ride their bicycles "as bare as they dare". [NSFW] more inside
Long-distance string art. "Take a string. Connect one end to a point on the Earth. Connect the other end to another point on the Earth." A fascinating art project for our SanFran monkeys to check out! (In Frames, under "News" on the left)
Con Games by Michael Bamberger
"At a New Jersey prison, 32 felons competed for a chance to take on an Ivy League chess whiz" Sorry 'bout the cache; couldn't find a clean copy. Interesting read tho'.
http://www.fromthewilderness.com JUNE 8, 2004 1600 PDT (FTW) - Why did DCI George Tenet suddenly resign on June 3rd, only to be followed a day later by James Pavitt, the CIA's Deputy Director of Operations (DDO)? Both resignations, perhaps soon to be followed by resignations from Colin Powell and his deputy Richard Armitage, are about the imminent and extremely messy demise of George W. Bush and his Neocon administration in a coup d'etat being executed by the Central Intelligence Agency. The coup, in the planning for at least two years, has apparently become an urgent priority as a number of deepening crises threaten a global meltdown. Based upon recent developments, it appears that long-standing plans and preparations leading to indictments and impeachment of Bush, Cheney and even some senior cabinet members have been accelerated, possibly with the intent of removing or replacing the entire Bush regime prior to the Republican National Convention this August.
Lantern slides of classical antiquity. Bryn Mawr's hoard of images of ancient buildings.
Zimbabwe nationalizes all property, a move widely predicted to throw the country back by centuries. Citizens will receive 99 year "leases" instead of deeds. For me this raises the question, is private property really the basis of all productive societies?
He deposited a junk mail check for $95k -- it cashed! The rest is apparently history.
Smoking out the yobs? The UK Guardian's reporting that Portuguese police are going to crack down on drunken English football fans at Euro 2004 ... but they're going to ignore those who're publicly smoking dope ... The idea being that a stoned football fan is much less likely to cause trouble than a drunk one ... It worked 4 years ago in Holland apparently.
Ken James died after falling from a bike in Swanston Street, Melbourne, on February 27. Police believe the 64-year-old was stealing the bike when he fell and hit his head. Unfortunately, as we live in another state, none of these bikes were my brother's (he has had three stolen in one year). Most bike thieves I have come across (to a cyclist they usually stand out like a sore thumb) have been kids, or addicts looking to finance their habit. more inside
The Ultimate Starting Page "a URL does not always answer your perception"
Before the iPod-- The Pod! Put Petrol in the Mini, Pack away some Marmite, Hitch up your Pod, and it's Dorking by Sunset, Mate! more inside
What An ACLU Suit Challenging An Important Section of the USA Patriot Act Tells Us About Surveillance and Secrecy. A good FindLaw piece on National Security Letters.
The Oracle of Bacon. more inside
Big Bunny This is an old animated series by Amy Winfrey. She is the creator of Muffin Films and Making Fiends.