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June 10, 2004

Best online role playing game ever. Of course, it's the first one I've ever played, but I'm convinced it's the best. Create your own superhero and battle evil!! Be amazed at how hours upon hours get sucked into the void! Spend every minute at home playing it, like my husband!
R.I.P. Ray Charles - Any fans out there? What was your favorite Ray Charles tune? Was his music a soundtrack to any special memories?
Scientology link to public schools As early as the third grade, students in S.F. and elsewhere are subtly introduced to church's concepts via anti-drug teachings. more inside
CURIOUS GEORGE: Mozilla Mayhem
Hey, this is pretty minor; but it's driving me nuts... could the Mozilla folk in the house help me with a lil' hassle I'm having? more inside
Florida orders NEW purge of voter list The last time Florida conducted a purge of felons from its voter rolls, in the notorious 2000 presidential election, gaping inaccuracies in the list caused tens of thousands of eligible voters to be wrongfully disenfranchised, almost certainly the biggest single factor denying Al Gore the keys to the White House. more inside
The Mad Artist What Hangs Art At Midnight Paintings of President Bush and former President Clinton, accompanied by messages referring to the artist's bodily fluids, mysteriously appeared last week on the walls of two major city museums and reportedly at two other museums in Philadelphia and Washington.
Tarzan Movie Posters. more inside
A short report about an upcoming film 'the Librarian' more inside
Florida to Alaska by bike. What's it like to pedal a bike across the continent? Wade Anderson did the trip a few years ago and his journal documents it with detail and introspection. Do you have any favorite cycling trip websites?
The stupa (or chorten) is Buddhism's universal piece of symbolic architecture. Borobodur in Java is probably the most famous while the Shwedagon Pagoda in Burma is the largest, and they abound in the Himalayas, even in caves.
The Art of Gary Taxali. Dreamy. Funny. Sad and Sassy. Like A Half-Buried Cheese-Burger Wrapper in Some Forgotten Sandbox... more inside
The AirScooter — personal watercraft of the sky? more inside