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June 02, 2004

Be all that you can be! The Army announced today it is expanding its stop-loss policy theaterwide. This will keep all deployed soldiers in the Army past their separation/retirement dates for as long as their unit is in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for 90 days after returning home. Interestingly there are now 138,000 U.S. troops occupying Iraq, a third that at the peak of the Vietnam War. Can anyone with relatives or friends in the military give us a "temperature check" of how morale is in the service?
Surrealestate: "As the Official Registrar of the Collective Unconscious (TM), we are able to provide you with a title deed to your own unique parcel of this vast ephemeral wilderness." Not to mention a weird computer lady with cleavage and blowy hair speaking to you.
Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow. By Johnathan Corum. Taking the immortal question and applying waveform physics and Strouhal numbers, Corum solves the question that parrots everywhere have been asking each other for the last 19 years. Even though the answer needed a bit of revision. more inside
What does it feel like to get shot? It's better to read about it here than experience it Out There.
19th Century Swedish Copybook. 'This is the first page of my great-grandfather's copybook. There could have been a separate wrapper or cover that did not survive.'
'Dated December 9, 1858, the book was signed by C.Damm, a writing tutor in Wirestad, Sweden. There are 12 pages of handwritten model forms of the Copperplate Script alphabet (sometimes called English Running Hand or Engraver's Script). Side margins appear to have been trimmed off at some time, and new binding holes were punched. The arrangement of pages below seems logical, but punched holes suggest that the leaves were bound in a different sequence. When I received the copybook as a child, the pages were no longer tied together, but wrapped individually in recycled yellow cellophane (smoked ham labels were printed on the cellophane) ... '
Silly Academic Position Titles. Who wouldn't like to be the Assistant Director of the Underclass? Via Arts & Letters Daily
Curious George: Computer Love Ich w more inside
Hen + Zambian Man + flagrante delicto = Suicide - A man commits suicide after having sex with hen. more inside
Urban Open
Never too late to learn copyright law The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter rang up Ray Bradbury, to find out what he thought of Michael Moore's Film, Fahrenheit 9/11. more inside
The Way The Music Died
The Medieval Bestiary: animals in the middle ages. The illustrations of beasts and the accompanying text on illustrations of bests and accompanying text on this site are compiled from from various medieval sources, and are not taken from any single manuscript. From such selections, it's possible to savour the 'beasts', even as the medieval scholar and scribes surely did. more inside
Zaxonian Virtual Reality Chamber now available for a short time only!
Prankster, prophet, farmer, father, Ken Kesey found his grail at home.
New York City water may not be Kosher. Orthodox Jews in New York City worry that the city's water supply may not be kosher, due to the copepods , small crustaceans which are forbidden in a strict Orthodox diet. Important questions are raised here for the Orthodox community to consider: more inside
The Paper Arcade
Franz Ferdinands fans are a bunch of f*cking idiots. NME Readers and Franz Ferdinand fans submit interview questions. Hilarity ensues:"Do you like tractors and other farming things?"