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May 16, 2004

Here we go again: my E-mail box is getting copies of one of those poorly-written all-caps chain letters suggesting a May 19 gas boycott. What is sad is that some people I know are among those cc'ing it, and I know it's hopeless to even bother suggesting something meaningful like carpooling or selling that damn Dodge Durango. A glimmer of hope: the soaring costs are just now starting to hurt SUV sales, according to an industry report. I'll leave you with this stinger left by one poster, epitomizing the futility of a boycott: "I am definitely in on the boycott. I will get enough gas [to get through May 19] today or tomorrow."
Shocking! A do it yourself stun gun:
When you live in fear-driven times such as these, having grown up with MacGyver as a role model has its advantages. Kevin and I thought it would be cool to MacGyver our own shocking device in glove form, using simply what we had lying around the house. What was lying around the house was a simple one-time-use camera.
[Via /.]
The Tale of the Remake of Zatoichi With Takeshi Kitano's promising new version of the Zatoichi saga due in U. S. theatres on June 7, why not revisit the inimitable classic films, which chronicle the story of a blind masseuse who avenges injustice with swordsmanship learned from a samurai. You can rent the films on DVD, or if you have the Independent Film Channel here in the U. S., you can catch the Zatoichi-thon on June 21.
Leopold slug aerial mating
Play with the Trojan Pleasure Organ. Basically SFW, but if you're wearing headphones or have your speakers turned up, be VERY cautious.
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