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May 11, 2004

Bush's People So my question is where did Bush outline in his 2000 campaign that the Neocons would be running the show? Invade Iraq, The Create of American Satellite States in the Mideast, all done with on credit from the US Tresury.
For those times when you absolutely, positively have to have a lifesize, wax Minnie Pearl in your bathroom. The voiceover makes this even stranger than it already is. Sorry if I doublepost over the next month; I've been gone for awhile.
When will the violence stop? (Definitely NSFW!) You know, i just dont know what to think any more. Why cant we all just get along? Is USA vrs Iraq destined to be Israel vrs Palestine take two? I've no solutions, no ready fix...but if this the state of the world me thinks its time to book a one way ticket to heaven (or hell...depending on who'll have me!) Sheesh!
Curious, George: HTML editor? i'm looking for a new HTML editor. and i'm picky. any suggestions? more inside
What it's like driving a train. Most people hate their job. But what about those who haven't lost their passion for it? Al Krug is a BN&SF railroad engineer and has a great website. Read about transporting Boeing 737s, a blown engine, derailments, and just pretty scenery.
Carpets from the Islamic world. A splendid exhibition, with lots of historical information. (Via Plep.)
Nyaaaargh!! Get 'em off me!! Delusional Parasitosis. It's when people think there are tiny parastites infesting or crawling beneath their skin. Well, here's the rub: it might not always be a delusion. Warning for the extra-squeamish: pictures of a nasty rash! more inside
Kurds. I posted this link at Living in Europe once upon a time, but it's worth revisiting. It "traces the history of the Kurds by presenting photographs and accounts by colonial administrators, anthropologists, missionaries, journalists, and others who have traveled to Kurdistan over the last century." Do go and see. more inside
You can own a true piece of Americana. How can you resist? Get yer bids in now.
Ever consider making your own drinking horn? Yes, you too can make your own drinking horn. There are quite a few different sites out there. If you're not up to the task, you can always buy a horn that's allready been crafted. For not much more depending on the merchant. I found an old horn in my garage (came with the house) and fashioned it into a rather heroic drinking horn. All it takes is a horn, a few simple materials, and a wee bit of patience.