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May 07, 2004

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1000 styles of Rumsfeld. With today's Senate hearings going on, this is a great guide to understanding the body language of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Crouching Tiger! Coffee Palm!
The Criterion Collection. One movie at a time.
Your Tax Dollars At Work? Since 1868, providing a different kind of homeland security: The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. And they're still working today. Want to know how to stop the undead in your neighborhood? Ask Dr. Pecos. more inside
Boise, Idaho poised to become the video game capital of the world! Athens is known for the Olympic Games and Cooperstown is known for the Baseball Hall of Fame. But Boise? Move over potatoes, Boise may soon be known as the video game capital of the world. more inside
The World's Only Ass-Kicking Machine "Does The World's Only Ass-Kicking Machine Really Kick Ass? We are almost certain it kicks big-time ass." An oldie but a goodie. Happy Friday!
Tale of the tape(worm) Vincent Eaton tells the story of finding and ridding himself of a nasty little parasite. Don't read during lunch. [Via Boing Boing]
Rick's Cafe opens in Casablanca You'd have thought this would have happened ages ago! Despite the State Department's recommendation that Americans in Morocco "consider seriously their personal security", I can't help but but be shocked - SHOCKED - at this bit of whimsy by an American in these troubled times. Let's hope she sticks her neck out for nobody, that there is indeed gambling in Rick's Cafe, and the piano player is of sufficient talent. Cheers!
Spiderman... nobody knows who you aaaaare! That Tron guy's got nothing on this Spidey, cause this Spidey's got nothing on! And there's plenty more where that came from. [NSFW & NSWhileEating]
Bitkraft is reminiscent of the old puppet-style theatre layout. Thought I'd throw this one in while we're talking about funky flash sites.. (requires Flash, obviously) more inside
CGTalk. *The* place for 3D and other digital artists.
If you took even one psych class in college, you've probably heard of the "Stanford Prison Experiment." Take a group of college students, randomly assign them to two groups: prisoners and guards. Give both of them the accoutrements of their roles--uniforms, etc. Now, let them go and see how they act it out. more inside
Science made stupid more inside
Modern Living's Neurotica Series by Han Hoogerbrugge. Some freaky stuff. As I have joined the double-post club already, I'm hoping this will be successful. more inside
The Hole.
"Benevolence Survives Over Malevolence" An article title that almost has nothing to do with the content. Anyway... Stemming from NASA's Astrobiology Magazine, a little informal sociological analisis correlating social alienation with prejudices against aliens. But beware confirmation bias.
Rubik's Cube "We turn the Cube and it twists us." Erno Rubik
Did you see the gorilla? [Via Crooked Timber.]
FAA official destroys 9/11 tape with his own hands. In a fit of simian rage, I've destroyed a couple CDs (don't try it, unless you like plastic slivers and a shower of silvery dust), but this sounds odd. Haven't they heard of shredders?