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May 05, 2004

There's the Great Canadian mascot and the Great Canadian Canoe company but have you heard about the Great Canadian Death Race?
In male monkeys, too much soy has adverse effects. [Via FuturePundit.]
RNA Based Life Forms. Carl Zimmer's got an article up on creating RNA based life forms. Bizarro world is that much closer.
Curious George: *Tweeee!* Grandpa? Where do the double-posts go? Who's double-posted the most? Which double-post thread went on the longest? more inside
Speaking of holes: It's nearly summertime in the U.S.! Which means, swimming hole time! There are good ole swimming holes all over America, including in the East, in the Southwest, in California. Those pages give locator maps, directions, photos and descriptions such as: "Stony slides, A good dunk for the little dippers." Are swimming holes just American, or do our overseas monkeys also enjoy them?
HiMonkey! is celebrating Cinco De Mayo, and MeFi is there. (Who's the copyfilter now?)
Click through a tour of "quirky" Japan. Skip the "Quirky Japan Photos" for the great section on odd museums, from those celebrating parasites or laundry (complete with Masters paintings of laundry-related scenes). The vending machine photos also improved my mood. For the more serious reader, "Understanding Japanese Buddhist sculpture" at the bottom of the site.
Are you a neocon? You know the drill. more inside
Monkey meetup! Blue Ridge gathering, Sat. June 5th, in lovely Asheville, NC. The day kicks off with a kickball game between Team Metafilter and Team Monkeyfilter. Later we'll head to our Irish pub Jack-of-the-Wood, and maybe take in a drag show. Or whatever we feel like doing. Interested?
The Dead Flag Blues. An excellent Godspeed You Black Emperor fan site. The bootlegs are pretty excellent.
The Magic Kingdom of Oceania declares Michael Moore a 'nonperson' I really don't know what to think about this. What's next: when he gets another (foreign?) distributor, it gets rated X?
McMurder Worldwide. Systematic Global Population Control. The real American Psycho. via [linkfilter]
Oh shit. Monkey see, monkey doo doo.
Environmental Porn ... ... whhhaaattt??? the link is to a Register article which is SFW ... pretty much anything linked from the article is extremely NSFW ... It's a Scandinavian Porn site dedicated to raising money for environmental causes ... Bizarre!
Honey, remember that trip to Canada we were talking about? it might end up being a little longer than we planned.
Unleash The Power Of The Ukelele! Meet The Duke of Uke. He Will Rock You. more inside
Badger badger badger badger bananaphone! [Flash]