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April 28, 2004

Can you get to the top of the mountain? I certainly bloody can't.
David Bowie is giving an Audi TT to whoever makes the best bootleg of his music. The winning track will also be released as a single. Go on, monkeys!
OTOFTC , a.k.a. Operation Take One For The Country, is a "virtual organization" made up of like-minded women, "We believe US service men and women deserve our support and we are willing to make caring choices about making them happy". SO TO SPEAK! < stands and salutes, and hands all of the like-minded women a banana > more inside
Kerry's new slogan? How about Bush's? The Advertising Slogan Generator.
first FPP to anything. ever.
Offally good - an artcle on the growing interest in the rest of the pig, or lamb, or cow, or... more inside
don't make me call the security-blimp, buster...
"For Akron, it's a very emotional thing."
newsfilter, i know, but it's just too surreal...
Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. "Yes" is the answer. Just a quote or two about a Monkey's favorite subject--after power tools and bananas, that is. And for all you guys with a problem remembering your punctuation, here's a site that might help personalize it a bit. May be NSFW
Innocence is the sequal to one of the best anime movies ever made. It was among the first to combine computer rendered graphics with traditional cell frame animation. The work that's put into these two movies was/is incredible and makes for some of the most beautiful animation you'll ever see.
George Will Wipe His Glasses On You. A weird video of GWB wiping his glasses on an unaware "Late Show" staffer. (via BoingBoing.) Or, review GWB's lack of interest in the press with Bush to Press: "You're Assuming That You Represent the Public. I Don't Accept That." Now with a 20% higher Ook factor!
Mobiles phones are not usually seen in the West as a way of keeping in touch with God. But the growing popularity of communication technologies is providing a way for people in Asia to express their faith, say researchers.
Curious George: Philly attractions We're going to be spending some time in Philadelphia early next year (me, husband and kidlet) and although I spent a weekend in South Jersey a couple of years ago I don't know the area at all. Any suggestions of places to go/eat/take photos/watch the locals? It'll be midwinter, unfortunately, and we'll have an almost-two year old with us. more inside
Don't Toss That Cocktail Napkin! The Smithsonian Celebrates the Creative Process; How Doodles And Scribblings Are Transformed Into The Life-Changing Machines And Eternal Goods Of Our Century.
Bibleman! Take a washed up child actor, add the Word of God, and you've got a hit! Sort of.
Our own Death Star? Richard Muller's Nemesis Theory hypothesizes that our solar system is a binary one, and that a red dwarf star, likely visible with a small telescope or even binoculars, is the "companion" to the sun. more inside