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April 27, 2004

Monkey user search Cribbed mercilessly from bookmarklets, it's the Monkey Searchinator!! A silly little utility that will let you google for a particular monkey's name on the site, or, indeed, any particular key phrase. I use it in lieu of linked user comments, or the google search page.
Curious George: We are approaching 1,000! No, not 1,000 fruit jars. And, no, not 1,000 pennies. One thousand MoFites! How shall we celebrate?
Curious George Goes To The Movies! Give us your three Essential Movies. The ones that Truly Define You. more inside
Uslu Airlines: Witness the make-up revolution. New York-based makeup artist Feride Uslu has introduced a new technique of applying make-up: pour the colors into a graphic artist's airbrushing machine, and then spray it onto skin in a fine mist. For an initial fee of $800 USD (refills and new colors are additional), you could possibly look like this. Knock-offs have already saturated the market.
Norwegian Cheese Monkey cannot live on banana alone. Have you tried brown cheese, gammelost, n
eBay as therapy
Actually I didn’t think my head would fit in the neck hole, but then I figured she got her Texas cheerleader hair through there I could get my head in it.
Man comes to terms with recent divorce by selling ex-wifes wedding gown and wearing it as well.
God exists, of course. See this bonfire? (Argument No. 17) Argument 188 is the clincher. But is he really an old man with a beard or secretly a hot Abercrombie chick? The Top Ten of the Gods is currently a Greek whitewash, but surely there should be a place for this one, or these, or maybe even him?
Some Pictures A Friend Brought Back From Iraq *warning* at least a few are extremely graphic. Most are tanks-and-sand shots. Unlike what's on TV or cnn.com though, for it's "untrained-eye" camera viewpoint.
Not so much invisible as ... Invisible Adjunct is hanging up the mortar board and putting down the felt-tipped pen. more inside
You weren't in the market for a boat, were you?
Control a remote arm in a lab over the internet. Perhaps build a tower. Take over the world. Unpeel a banana.
Speaking Pittsburghese. Or San Franciscan, or Chicagoan, or pretty much anywhere-an. (Offer valid only in the US and/or Canada, apparently.)
Is there anything the Internet can't do? Take a controversial picture, add PHP, and away we go!
Brown does Potter: Ian Brown, former Stone Roses' singer joins the cast of the 4th Harry Potter film, "playing a wizard with gold teeth."
Grilling With The Jetsons! Do I wear it or light it?
If they could have mixed the TRON suit guy also, it would have been perfect. 2Mb WMV video mix with the Star Wars kid over the Kill Bill trailer. So, what do you think Tarantino will ask on the lawsuit? (Btw, while I know firsthand just how difficult this kind of collages are, can't help but feel bad for all those stray Uma-bits around. Just a little more polishing...mmh...)