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April 22, 2004

When blimps attack! Kids, remember: be sure you lock up your blimp before goint to sleep. Via MeFi, but way too funny too pass up.
memo from Osama bin Laden , from common dreams the potential for a new and daring democracy. more inside
Conscientious Objector Policy Act This is a bill that John Ashcroft would be proud of. more inside
Flip-Flop Flippity-Floppity The government seems to be starting up a shell game over the draft. more inside
How much political sway does one voter hold? Jonathan Stein is a New York law student and freelance writer. He has produced a series of television ads against U.S. presidential hopeful John Kerry, and is placing the ads in key swing states and markets that might be leaning toward Kerry. Is he tilting at windmills or is this the beginning of true grassroots influence?
Crash Bonsai - Model cars, bonsai trees: strange and true activities of a meticulous artist.
You're not allowed to test for mad cow, says the USDA. The Washington Post reports that a Kansas beef company which wanted to fully protect the integrity of its cattle was banned by the US Department of Agriculture from doing its own test work. The USDA, defending its policy, said testing "could imply there is a safety issue with American beef". But might mad cow already be alive and well in the US?
Catalpa! This tree has it all: huge, heart-shaped leaves, a shady canopy, long seed pods, and pretty clusters of vanilla-scented blossoms. Although sphinx moths really like catalpas, so do catfish anglers. Mmmmm...caaaatfish.
Winner in a dating game chooses a Playstation over the girl. Who wouldn't?
All Glory to the HypnoToad.
An Adventurer is You! Travel in the Kingdom of Loathing and amass large quantities of Tasty Meat! Kill Dangerous Creatures! Explore Exotic Locales! Learn Fascinating Skills! more inside
Mix American Technology and a NASCAR Sensibility. Whaddya Get? Fan Pants!
Klingon Wedding