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April 19, 2004

Curious George: Would anyone like to help me? I need some volunteers to help out with a project I'm doing for university. It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes of your time. (More inside for anyone who is interested) more inside
How AT&T failed at Local Number Portability Also know as, What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong. more inside
Ladies and gentlemen, the new New Coke, Coca-Cola C2.
Writing on the Brain Another excelent commentary via A&LD. Loved the first paragraph. Interesting how A&LD likes to paraphrase articles in a way that doesn't seem to relate in any way to the content of the sources.
Weird Stuff on Ebay Yes, you too can now own a piece of history. A piece of Abraham Lincoln's hair from the night he was assassainated. Most likely fake, but still creepy and fascinating.
Lime Cat I have no idea why.
In Passing ... This is a great little blog that documents conversations heard in passing. "We need a dolphin with opposable thumbs." "The combination of a dolphin and a monkey should do it, then." "Hell of a love child." "You have not been trained to think that way, so you don't. But I see it." --Two guys who appear to be doing more drinking than eating at the hotel restaurant.  
Curious, George: Acrobat vs. Mozilla why does acrobat hate my copy of mozilla? on my laptop opening a .pdf on a website slows my machine to a crawl. mozilla just freezes, blank screen, no response from the program for several minutes at least. more inside
The Monkey Shelf. Comedies. Your favourite ones. more inside
Intelligent MIDI Sequencing with Hamster Control. Cornell engineering student designs a MIDI sequencer controlled by six hamsters. Audio (wav, mp3) and video (avi) examples available. more inside
Kill Television. . . . For a week, anyway. This week is Turn off TV week. Are you in denial? Six steps will get you going (and it's less than 12 steps . . ) Deny your god! Turn off the idiot box!
Virtual pyramid ...and other ancient Egyptian buidlings. From the Digital Egypt site of UCL.
A Levitating Frog - with help from a 16 Tesla magnetic field within a Bitter Magnet. Snarfled from Reality Carnival more inside
With friends like this... Quite the storm in New Zealand over the arrest of alleged (if not terribly competant) spies trying to operate a false passport scam. The New Zealand government has hit the roof and, while their lawyer wants the case thrown out before it reaches trial, even the Aussies are making concerned noises. more inside
Date Jesus. No, really. “This is a legitimate ad. I am highly spiritual, though not religious, and have often been called Jesus because of my appearance and powerful spirituality that I attempt to share with others.” more inside
Tiffany Brissette was the actress who played VICI the robot on that glorious 80s show Small Wonder. Here she is immortalized by an obsessive and confused fan base (David Zapasnik asks "have you ever ridden a robot horse?" among other things; his post is must-read). Another young girl points out "You're so beautiful in so many ways, & so are your hands & knees." more inside
Nothing can prepare you for: CHENGWIN! Yes, Chengwin: half chicken/half penguin and his arch enemies Chunk (half skunk) and Chixon (half Nixon). If this isn't strange enough for you, there's always the adventures of Chabio (half... well, you know). more inside
Mommy? Why's Bjork going crazy? [MPG link].
The Onion A.V. Club Interviews David Byrne. ...And I feel as fresh as 1983!