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April 17, 2004

The McGurk Effect. This is creepy. Dammit, I feel as if the gods of perception have stuck a spoon in my brain and stirred it around a bit. via matociquala's LJ.
PROVEN IN GULF COMBAT! LIVES DEPEND ON IT! Put a catalytic converter in your culottes with the Flatulence Deodorizer™.
Music from John Hughes Movies By and large, it's not my cup of tea; but who could resist the lure of "Holiday Roohhhahhaaaahhooohhaahhoooahhooooaahhhooooad; Holiday Rooohhhooooaaaahhohhhahhaahhooooaahd!"
Talking Cock , home of the The Coxford Singlish Dictionary, is a comprehensive and very local guide to all things Singlish.
See your name in nudes! Lights? Feh! What could be more appealing than one's name spelled out by the limber and scantily clad? [NSFW, obviously]
University of Toronto CS lecture slides describing various fractals. The very first image really grabbed my attention. Scroll down to the very bottom for "A tonne more examples". more inside
Sophie Crumb Is As Crazy As Her Father. (Thank God!)
The World's First Crossword. Also check out crosswords in Italian, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian, and even Latin. more inside