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April 16, 2004

The only immortality you and I may share It turns out Vladimir Nabokov may have stolen elements of his most famous novel from a 1916 short story in called "Lolita". To make matters worse, the pseudonymous author of the story, Heinz von Lichberg, later became a Nazi journalist. The Nabokov family has rejected claims of plagiarism, but the literary world is abuzz with debate over the muddled distinctions beteen reference, intertextuality, borrowing, and theft.
My Garden Kicks Ass. Postcards by Anne Taintor. more inside
Fashion a ninja mask out of a T-shirt. Your boss will never know what hit him. more inside
Curious, George: Sex and Music The question to my fellow music lovin' monkeys: If you were to create a sexy mix for your SO what kind of songs would you include? What would you like to hear in an hour of sexy sexy primate bliss?
Absolute Craziness I'm shamelessly swiping this from linkfilter.net but it was so awesome, i wanted to post it here. Click on the cake and then type in "oompaloompa" more inside
Oops! Best. Prank call. Ever. more inside
Beating the file-sharers at their own game Recently, bands releasing new albums have been making use of the internet to promote their music, rather than attempting to shut it down. Bands such as The Liars, Wilco and Tortoise have been streaming their whole albums onto the internet. more inside
Stop the flinging! Start pooping for peace. Starting from the hideous connotations of the page's background color, this seems to elicit instant hate/curiosity reactions. At least the featured page of the site isn't that explicit, but venture into the rest at your own risk. Well, at least something to ponder while 'doing it' instead of reading. Yeah, yeah, we know...
Contiki isn't just any multitasking operating system. The good old Commodore 64 was the target platform for the first port. It comes complete with multitasking, a basic Windows-like GUI, Internet connectivity, and best of all, a web browser and server. Here are some screenshots. Open source.
Own A Piece Of The Concorde! Inedible pucks of Beef Wellington, plastic silverware, and Por-Shun-Pak coffee creamers not included...
The inevitable "I'm Rick James, BITCH!" soundboard. Those of you without cable or any clue what all the fuss has been about can catch the (realplayer) video here.
The Shame of the Cities by Lincoln Steffens, the introduction, and an excerpt from Upton Sinclair, The Great American Fraud. more inside
The man who knew. PBS is rebroadcasting their fascinating look at FBI agent John O'Neill, one of the few who really understood the threat of al Qaeda before 9/11, when he himself was killed. more inside
Toilet stall poetry: just a little farkian.
Love is like a snowmobile racing across the tundra; It flips and pins you to the ground. At night the ice weasels come. more inside