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April 13, 2004

The jerky new guys are obviously learning, 'We don't do things like that around here.' "In a study appearing today in the journal PLoS Biology, researchers describe the extensive temperamental and tonal shift that occurred in a troop of 62 baboons when its most beliigerent members vanished from the scene." Commentary in PLoS: "Yet, the main two points of this discovery are loud and clear: social behavior observed in nature may be a product of culture, and even the fiercest primates do not forever need to stay this way."
Millions of people owe their lives to Fred Soper. Why isn't he a hero? Sorry, Zemat. I was going to post this to your earlier thread about DDT but I felt we all owed Fred Soper his own thread. Sorry if I broke any unwritten rules of the community...
Otters? No way. I blame it all on Sam Gross and National Lampoon.
Google bombing for Good "If you've ever Googled the word Jew, you may have noticed that an antisemitic hate site, Jew Watch, inexplicably and disturbingly comes up as the top result on what is beyond a doubt the most frequently relied upon search engine in the world." more inside
Polling Marriage Convictions - Americans polled on marriage in society, same-sex marriage, and civil unions.
Songs to Wear Pants To. Trismic takes your suggestions and makes short songs out of them, sort of like an explodingdog for audio. more inside
What the World Needs Now Is DDT Malaria is still one of the worst enemies afflicting the African continent, yet it still being underrated and ignored. DDT is highly toxic chemical agent that still could be used in beneficial ways (as mentioned in the above New York Times article) yet it's overuse in the 60's and the publication of Silent Spring made it unpopular and killed it politically. more inside
Spammer asshats I just got spammed at the (unique) address I provided on my MoFi user page. I guess it's time to put up a dummy address. more inside
The Boards of Canada website. Even if you're not a fan of the music, the website is great fun to mess about on for five minutes. or an hour [Shockwave]
Underpant toast. "Surely this impresses girls." Only the cool (and/or hungry) ones, dude.
Tonmo: The Octopus News Magazine Online Comes with octopus porn, nautiloids, tats, and toons; just for starters.
Tetris in one dimension. Who can leave their browser window open the longest?
Frustration: The Trivia Game is based upon the concept of measuring question difficulty based on when questions are answered correctly and incorrectly and correlating that data to create a 100-level ranking system for the questions. more inside
Whiskey Chimp more inside
"I don't think it was a mistake," she said. "Everybody who goes through my photo album says, 'Tigger is groping you.'
Emma Goldman, Affinity Group Spokesperson of the Anarchists.
The Bayeux Tapestry: history written by the victor (or you can create your own version if you wish). The Battle of Maldon: history written by the loser (a translation of the poem, and readings of the original Saxon version).