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April 06, 2004

Hot mechanical soccer action Not yet Transformers-grade, but they're getting close. Fascinating videos of the Robovie-M 'Team Osaka' robots. I can picture them in a couple years, cladded in shiny plastic, under many Xmas trees... Plus, check the link for a Powerpoint presentation with some more info.
"Yes, this is biro-webâ„¢." A website made entirely with pens! For others like it, check out Jeff Bridges' website and Loobiecore. more inside
Monkeybashi at work. Monkeys get everywhere, you know. Is this Beloved Leader's day job?
Ah, Just one more question ma'am, if I may: Y'see, what I can't figure out is, after you found the gun - why didn't you go back into the hotel room? Ahh Columbo you and your questions!
Tough chica Pregnant woman in rural Mexico takes a few shots of tequila and a kitchen knife, performs caesarean on self. Follows up by chewing sheet metal, spitting out nails.
Hi honey! I recently noticed several different types of honey on my grocer
Marshmallow Peeps It all started at lunch one day when Peter said he hated marshmallow peeps......
Curious, George: Any fellow primates freelancing in the design/programming industry? If so, does anyone have any experience with the site Elance? Are there any other similar bid-for-work sites that you prefer/have had good experiences with?
Writer Feels That Accusations Against Prez Be a Felony Check out the picture of (the author) Kaye Grogan. It truly is priceless.
The power of databases - Reason, a libertarian magazine, decides to show what databases can do by individualzing each cover for subscribers with a satellite photo of their house. (NY Times link) via kottke.org
Click Mazes is a collection of interactive mazes and puzzles to get your grey matter working. My favourites included the plank puzzles and the collection of tilt puzzles.
It ain't over 'til the fat lady eats. Ever wondered why the biggest opera singers are big in other ways? It's not just a coincidence. They have to work extra hard to push out those notes. Then there's the issue of extra tissue around their throats.
When John Kerry made his latest campaign stop at a church on Sunday , the reverend there heaped praise on the senator, calling him "the next president of the United States." Kerry, a Catholic, was attending that Sunday service in a Methodist church. It's no secret that Catholic leaders aren't happy with Kerry, but even if he was in good standing with them, politicians are barred from making campaign stops in Catholic churches. Catholic leaders are also forbidden from issuing anything even close to an endorsement of any politician unless they want to invite trouble from the IRS. Why the double standard? more inside
The Translator’s Temple of Poo preserves an 11th century sculpture of Bodhisattva Vajradharma. more inside
Solve the mystery and learn about art, film noir detective-style.
Our Jokester Whitehouse What two words would you least like to hear during a white house press briefing? How about "April Fool's"?
Cheap Truth. "Cyberpunk's one-page propaganda organ, Cheap Truth, was given away free to anyone who asked for it. Cheap Truth was never copyrighted; photocopy 'piracy' was actively encouraged. Cheap Truth deliberately mocked established [SF gurus] and urged every soul within earshot to boot up a word-processor and join the cause." more inside