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April 04, 2004

A work of art or a harbinger of violence? (SF Gate) A student is expelled and his teacher fired over a story he wrote for her class detailing the grisly adventures of a serial killer. Reminds me tangentially of this adventure involving horror author Gary Braunbeck and his nephew's elementary school. more inside
Get rid of ignorance This site's been linked before, but never featured. For getting educated on anything under the sun. Don't know something, go ahead, ask a question.
"Bremer has destroyed my country" Guardian article about how not to occupy a country. Shut down the newspapers. Enfore the law arbitrarily or in a half-assed way. Allow corruption. Don't supply the hospitals. You get the picture. more inside
Shroud of Turin: More fodder for the debate. I thought this seemed like a good Sunday post. Apparently the sewing style "belongs firmly to a style seen in the first century AD or before." Your call.
Algiers: The Right Bank. A taste of a historic New Orleans neighbourhood through old photographs.
Curious, George: What is a papasan? Does the term "papasan" refer to the style of rattan/wicker furniture, or just the familiar round chair with padded cushion? more inside
Metal Baby. (Flash, needs sound).
Whose Mind is it Anyway? more inside
Curious, George: CafePress and Cousins CafePress and cousins; I'm interested in any monkey experience with CafePress or any of the workalikes, since I'm trying to get a good idea of whether it's a useful option. more inside
The Height Gap: Why Europeans are getting taller and taller This fascinating article seems to be just the tip of the ice-berg for uses of the height to understand history and health. [via A&L Daily] more inside
Tidepooling...what an amazing adventure For a different adventure, try tidepooling. Point Reyes National Seashore in No. California has some beautiful viewing areas for seeing amazing sea creatures... anemones, starfish, crab & the like... more inside
My tortured quest for a real life Transformer continues. Learn more about the Tmsuk over here.
Terror in Thailand: 'Ghosts' and jihadis.
MAVs for fun and profit UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have been in the news quite a bit lately, but the micro versions of these craft, or MAVs represent the bleeding edge of technology. Their small sizes almost make them seem like mere toys. While they are used for serious business, the home hobbiest is quickly catching up. more inside
Amazon's revenge? Apparently deforestation is causing rabid vampire bats to descend on Brazil. more inside