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April 01, 2004

MS Paint vs Classic Album covers. Possibly the greatest I Love Music thread ever.
Russian Prison Tattoos. "It is not known when tattooing first became a common practice in Russian prisons and Stalinist Gulags. Soviet researchers first discovered and studied this underground activity in the 1920s; photographs of prisoners from that period suggest an already elaborate and highly developed subculture. More than simple decoration, the images symbolically proclaim the wearer's background and rank within the complex social system of the jailed." Via Geisha Asobi. more inside
In the spirit of the day. Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time
Curious George: The MonkeyFilter Themesong With all the talk of a CD swap, the DIY portion of my monkey brain got to thinking about the possiblity of MoFiers who dabble in music collaborating to make - The MonkeyFilter Themesong. Is there any kind of interest? more inside
idn fi dwid (upside down) Some Friday 4/1 fun. I wanted to post a meme about Republicanism Shown to be Genetic. But then I found out my true pimp name. Then I thought - why not mix the two together?? Monkeys and Gentlefriends, I give you: the Pimpublican Genetic Thread! more inside
Worst Luck Ever [via Macphisto]
Swiss National Exhibition Bern 1914. A virtual museum.
Draw Your Boss: The horrors of ms paint and a passive-aggressive hatred of your supervisor.
Night Sky Murals is a process applied to a room of your choice that creates a permanent, realistic, astronomically accurate simulation of a starry night sky in a darkened room. You get to choose the day and time represented.
A Not-entirely Depressing Iraq Story I'm not saying this little tale of a Baghdad gym owner who adores the current governor of California doesn't have disturbing details, but overall, it ain't as grotesquely disturbin' as most of the news we've been getting this week.
Owners DO resemble their dogs!
How India is saving capitalism. "For one Silicon Valley company, hiring Indian programmers wasn't about greed, it was about survival. A special report from Chennai, globalization's ground zero." more inside
The history of April Fool's Day. Many people 'celebrate' April Fool's Day in various ways (most of them annoying). What are some of the better April Fool's pranks you've seen or experienced? more inside
Metafilter hacked? Or just a little April Fool's fun?
While those in the Blue debate Gmail's validity Google has come out with their April Fools Prank 2004. As a bit of a workplace prankster I'm curious about some of my fellow monkey's favorite pranks. Do tell. more inside
Two-in- one yields works unknown to any library! Here booklovers and monkeys who enjoy literary fun and games may encounter the likes of Mason and Moby Dixon [Explorers cross the plains in search of giant mechanical white duck], Watership Down Under the Skin [Australian rabbits, posing as humans, capture hitchhikers and eat them], or Middlemarchsex [Tale of a 19th century provincial village of Greek hermaphrodites], all at I Love Books. via bookslut.com
Curious George: Back in the day I used Adobe Streamline to convert pictures to line art. Is there a more modern tool for acomplishing the same task? more inside
Choose your own iPod adventure
I always read those things with my fingers stuck in between the pages where the story branched until both hands were wound up like a cat's cradle. God I loved those things and all their offshoots. Any other fans?
Better Than the Onion I agree with Josh Marshall. This reads like an Onion article. more inside
The brief safe. ...even the most hardened burgler or most curious snoop will "skid" to a screeching halt as soon as they see them.