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March 31, 2004

Secrets of the Magic 8-Ball revealed! But do you really want to know? Via J-Walk.
Great news for all Canadian Monkeys. Looks like sharing copyrighted material is legal in Canada. For now.
A modern Little Red Riding Hood. A modern interpretation. Laden with gore and sex, so keeping in the spirit of the originals, but definitely NSFW.
Condolences to our monkeyfriends in the Netherlands, as they lay to rest their Queen Juliana. She sounded like an interesting woman. This quotation of hers haunts me: "A lot of the sorrow of my life is unknown and should remain unknown, but it was an intense and valuable life."
ASCII Art. Just about everything you never wanted to know about making ASCII art.
CURIOUS GEORGE You parents out there! What are your favorite children's songs and singers? more inside
Google News Map - For those obsessed with mapping of various 'landscapes'.
Lunar Magic: Level Editor for Super Mario World. more inside
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Monkey Shelf: Heavy Rotation What're you listening to? more inside
U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry and his high school band, "The Electras," actually cut an album back in 1961. That's according to the site Kerry Rocks, "A Rock n' Roll History of Our Next President."
Chasm. A fun little flash adventure.
Curious George: DVDR Help! DVDr problem. more inside
Online Game Boy Emulator in Java
With Frogger, Tetris, Ghosts'n'Goblins, Bubble Bobble, Pokemon, Zelda, Mario etc. Let the games begin.
It's not a rock, it's a machine fitting! The topic of pareidolia is quite fascinating. more inside
You may hate software. This site will deepen that hatred.
Smoke kills. No, really.
Confess your sins, then buy the book. If you couldn't get enough of grouphug.us, here's more anonymous confessions for you. Tackier than ever before!