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March 29, 2004

Biking in Chernobyl. A Russian woman goes on a motorbike trip through Chernobyl and the surrounding area. She takes some truly amazing pictures, demonstrating the unimaginable impact to the Russian way of life, both on a huge and a human scale. Definitely worth bearing with the broken English.
Froogle. Smart shopping through Google. more inside
You have disgraced yourself/your family/your country/your employers, and now it's time for seppuku ... but please, don't call it "hari kiri", or you may have to do it twice.
Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson): Now I want you to go into that bag and find my wallet. Ringo (Tim Roth): Which one is it? Jules: It
The Passivator - Check your writing for weaknesses in the passive tense and detect ly's.
Curious George: Languages... So, continuing with the tradition of knowing each other around here I would like to know how many languages do Mofites master. That way I would feel more confident in trowing around some phrases in other languages just to increase the apparent intellectual level of discussions. C'mon, show your multi-lingual pomposity! more inside
How you gonna act like my neck don't bling? FunHi takes social networking to the peeps in da streets. Be sure to visit the virtual giftshop where you can spread the (virtual) love to all your players. via wired
The World Marbles Championship 2004 Excitement is building steadily in advance of the championship on Good Friday. A local tradition, the championship has been taken for the last two years by a German team. Details of past tournaments and the history of the game from the Marble Museum in Tinsley Green.
I am a corporate whore. (movie inside)
My recent viral contribution not withstanding, I'd like to contribute more entertaining advertising which makes me giggly to your life: the new Six Flags commercial. We haven't had the "Pepsi Blue" discussion over here in too great a depth yet. Monkeys? What's our thinking on interesting, entertaining or viral marketing? Pro or con?
An Atlanta man was viciously assaulted in apparent retaliation for a post on his LiveJournal. more inside
Monkey See, Monkey Surf [via MeFi]. Maybe NSFW, you'll see, or not.
The Swan: Fox hits rock bottom, again. The Swan offers women the incredible opportunity to undergo physical, mental and emotional transformations with the help of a team of experts. Contestants must go through an intensive "boot camp" of exercise, diet, therapy and inspiration to achieve their goals. (And plastic surgery! - S)
All things must change Like Aunt Jemima and other antiquated brand icons, Mr Brawny is getting a makeover. Out with the blond Mr 70s beefcake and in with tall, dark and handsome--with a little tenderness and cultural diversity thrown in. Here's an NPR story. And here are the new ads, if you were interested.