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March 24, 2004

Election rhetoric can get hot. Sometimes the hyperbole starts flying like monkey poo. And, yes, we've all at one time or another compared out least favorite politician to Hitler. But you gotta admit, this one takes the cake. A Taiwanese opposition party had the chutzpah to create a graphic analogy between President Chen and Most Hated Guy in the History of the Entire World. So the tiny Jewish community in Taiwan complains and the ads are taken down, only to be replaced by Saddam and Bin Laden. I can't believe how much fun politics is in Taiwan.
The Modern World Since I basically missed this thread, I thought I'd post this link to the main page instead of burying it under 103 other comments. The Modern World is a great refernce for anyone who is into Eco, Borges or just literature in general.
"Corporate terrorists" vs. "Evil" Col. Sanders. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA] is at it again; they've launched a new campaign against KFC, to push for more humane treatment of chickens. more inside
Curious, George Curious, George - Help! I have a friend who's going through a really, really rough time right now and I want to send her a bunch of links that will make her laugh. She has a twisted, sarcastic sense of humor (the and WHEE! squirrel is a favorite). I want to send this out today or tomorrow, so I'd appreciate if you guys could help me out. Thanks! more inside
Night of the Living Dead The horror classic Night of the Living Dead is now public domain and can be viewed online at the Internet Archive.
19th Century Photography of Ancient Greece. '19th-century Photography of Ancient Greece illustrates approximately 200 nineteenth- and early twentieth-century photographs of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Focusing on Greece, Asia Minor, the Aegean islands, Cyprus, South Italy, and Sicily, these images belong to the Getty Research Institute's Gary Edwards Collection. '
Banana George
Curious George: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America..." but maybe not for long. Do you pledge allegiance to your flag, wherever you are, or is this just a Yank thing?
Bow, nigger. "Bow, nigger." he typed. I kind of hunched uncomfortably over the keyboard at that point. Not that I should've taken offence, really. For one thing, my screen name has nothing to do with my ethnicity and for another, it's only a game and the fascist doing the typing is probably hundreds of miles away and far beyond anything you could call an actual influence on my life. But still... It's not very nice is it? What to do? more inside
Carl Zimmer's Weblog. I just found this little gem. A great little science blog by Carl Zimmer. You may remember Zimmer who authored this article which had appeared on MeFi a while ago.
Fruit labels through the ages. more inside
True inventiveness. The non-electrical refridgerator. Mohammed Bah Abba has used imagination rather than technology to create something to improve local lives. more inside
Please don't eat the monkeys. People in Central Africa are eating bushmeat and they're getting currently non-fatal virus. Still, it's got experts worried.
Book Rentals.. Don't want to buy books recommended in the MonkeyShelf threads? Well, you don't have to.
Electronic Behavior Control System. (WMV File) Emergency Broadcast Network was one of the great original video culturejammers. This video is their signature work. Other clips can be viewed here.
Informative articles dedicated to superstitions and odd traditions. Did you know the colour blue was originally felt to protect a male child? New spiderwebs where you'd just cleaned means someone is plotting to hurt you or your family. You throw spilled salt over your shoulder to hit the devil in the eye, you know.