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March 21, 2004

Rumsfeld's Resolutions. No idea when the new year begins.
She didn't look like that last night. Some people should stick to root beer, or they might make a monkey of themself. Link leads to comical ape motif IBC root beer commercial (video) from ad outfit Basement.
Pope Gregory is responsible for war, pollution, and global anomie. Only with a new calendar and a global day out of time can we activate the planetary light body and regenerate the biosphere. What, not convinced yet?
Freaks, Geeks, and Hoochie Shows on the Road
Some histories of Traveling Carnivals, the American circus and the culture of Vaudevillian showmanship. more inside
Goth in the suburbs. He worships Satan! He desecrates the Bible! He gardens! He recycles! remember, real goths stick out their tongues when they rake.
Photo Poems. When words and pictures collide.
100 most mispronounced words and phrases in English. Shamelessly stolen from Those On The Blue.
Ice Volcanoes of Lake Superior. These volcanoes can grow up to 10 meters high, and actually do erupt like regular volcanoes.
Doctors remove worm from woman's brain.
Isreal welcomes Arnie. Is this really a suitable position for the guv to be taking or a new mode of groping for self-gratification?
Jane's unrelated sons. "Jane" is a human chimera; the product of two fertilised eggs whose DNA is mixed in the same body - and some of her children are descended from eggs containing one set of DNA, while others come from an entirely different strain. As this Nature article explains, the level of mixing can range form the trivial to the profound, and can result in non-hermaphroditic gender mixing in the same person, with an XY lung and an XX kidney.