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March 19, 2004

Curious George: monkey banana meme The Hannah-monkey asked this morning "why do people think that monkeys just like bananas, instead of other fruit"? Help me help an eight year old - how did this pop culture association start, and is it true?
Curious, George So how do you find time to post? How much time do ya'll spend in the Lavender? I'd love to post and chat, but...[more inside] more inside
1,028,000 Digital Images per Year : The Sports Illustration digital workflow
It's the Canonical List of Weird Band Names... (via Xeni and the Boingers). Also a fine source for puns, non-sequiturs and euphemisms for IT (and I don't mean Information Technology... wait a minute, maybe I do.) Glad to see Barenaked Ladies, Dead Milkmen & Circle Jerks made the list, but where are the Crash Test Dummies, Dandy Warbucks and Toad the Wet Sprocket? more inside
Human Descent: Witness the 26 galleries.
A Boy Scout, a Nuclear Breeder Reactor, and the Fallout - This story is from 1998, but very fascinating. A teenager built his own nuclear workshop where he made neutron guns and a breeder reactor--all for his Boy Scout Merit badge. This is the story of what happened during his experiments and when the government found out.
Build a tower, fight Vikings, get egged on by small blond men with swords. An excellent little puzzle game that ranks alongside that damn helicopter game and good-quality heroin in addictiveness.
The capture of bin Laden? Hot rumor bubbling up on MeFi about the supposed capture of Osama. You saw it here first - or, more likely, second. If at all.
This site, created by a couple who have practised voluntary simplicity for over a quarter century, describes the principles behind their lifestyle. Far from being nutjobs, they come across as thoughtful, genuine people who have chosen to live their lives around the philosophy of "Time is not money. Money is worth more than time." They hardly ever buy anything new, instead they use cast-offs donated to them, or repair discarded items found from skips. They have at every turn learned the skills they need rather than paying someone else to do it for them. Before buying anything, they consider whether the item is worth more to them than whatever else they could have done with the time spent earning the needed money. If the answer is 'no', they don't buy it. more inside
Build your own model dinosaur skeleton out of chicken bones. An Apatosaurus, to be specific. See, we told you birds evolved from dinos! If you want a T. rex, that can be done, too.
The Spirit Rover caught a glimpse of some streaking object on the Martian sky. A meteorite? (Another one? Seems every planet's getting one these days...) Another man-made spacecraft? Or the welcoming fireworks?
The Misadjudication of Dr. Butler. Dr. Dick Butler is now serving 2 years in prison as a scapegoat. Be angry and afraid. The prosecutors are comming.
Curious George: Stratocaster Action I want to lower the action on my American Fender Stratocaster. more inside
Fifteen bucks gets you into a twothousand dollar pool to bet on which ten celebrities are most likely to kick off this year. Check the leaderboard. Stephen King story waiting to happen.
Jayson Blair Is Back Blair had the nerve to correct preceived errors he felt Jack Shafer did when reviewed (Blair's book) Burning Down. Shafer's response: Allowing Jayson Blair to judge the ethics of a writer
The Whitney Biennial (flash) is in full effect, again! "While there is no substitute for experiencing the 108 artists' work in person, the online version of the exhibition should serve as an introduction to the themes and questions posed in the 2004 biennial." Need a modern art blog to go with it? Or just a comprehensive guide? more inside
Good Old Diebold... ATM crashes; reboots with naught but Windows XP. Gets turned into rudimentary jukebox, security in no way compromised. more inside
MeFi link: Fireworks and Stupid People The video is actually made by the Chiseen label, which recently signed a deal with MTV Networks Asia to produce the "stunt and prank-related content" for the show MTV Whatever Things. "Set in Asia's vast urban landscape, the show exposes the odd, risque, shocking and humorous elements of street and pop culture. By closely examining its intricacies in a deliberately haphazard style, Chiseen's blend of physical stunts, celebrity pranks, provocative journalism and pure-situational randomness will be a new experience for Asian audiences." more inside
Explore your senses.
Stephen Hawking questioned about his mysterious injuries. Recently he's been examined for a broken wrist and various cuts and bruises--all currently unexplained.