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March 18, 2004

Life after the oil crash. 25 year old law graduate tells it like it is about the fossil fuel shortage and how we're all going to die. No, wait, this site will tell you how we're going to die. For some moderation on the topic, M. King Hubbert can help out, as can Dr. Albert Bartlett. Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit looks like it might help too.
Will this be the future for the US invasion of Irak? more inside
World's Hardest Movie Quiz The Village Voice has offered a whopper of a contest. Unfortunately, the prize is rather measly.
Curious George: WhachacallIT? Make up a word or phrase for, y'know, it.
Dress-up Jesus refridgerator magnet. Stolen from metafilter. I find this funny. I hope you find this funny too.
Public Access Jeff Krulik, the filmmaker behind Heavy Metal Parking Lot, put together a short film of the public access shows he produced. The film can be watched in either quicktime or real player.
Armor Clad  Live Monkey Firing Range "...numerous studies have shown that monkeys exposed to life-threatening bursts of adrenaline on a daily basis actually live longer compared to those monkeys cooped up in zoos. Not only will the monkeys have a great time roaming free in a field of gunfire, but the citizens of Alameda, who have been victims of a monkey attack will have an opportunity to seek vengeance in a healthy, life-preserving manner...."
Wigu has a Live Journal. more inside
Security courses with a difference. Always wanted to learn the (ahem) ins and outs of nmap? What about setting up Apache name based virtual hosts? Let the ladies of HaXXX0rs tell you how! "Just reading about Virtual Hosts gets me all hot!" [NSFW]
Yesterday's Labels Still Appeal: Vintage labels are colourful ephemera now sought by collectors. more inside
Hello Jesus mmmm, sacrilicious
Newseum presents 300-odd newspaper front pages from 38 countries. Very little good news, though. Wherever you monkeys hang out, what's your newspaper of choice? Do you have a favourite section, column or writer? What would you recommend to others?
And you thought the "Smilin Bob" commercials were annoying? Well you haven't seen anything yet. The fine folks who bring you Enzyte are flooding the airwaves with a "phamaceutical" ad campaign for Altovis They're even called Neutraceuticals. Seems like the line between prescription drugs and herbal supplements is getting blurrier.
Today: Ultra-close Asteroid Flyby So long as their calculations are correct, 5pm EST should come and go safely:
For 10 years, Adrian Rodriguez has been photographing colorful dyes as they drip in his toilet bowl to make what he calls "toilygraphs.
translucent concrete "A Hungarian architect has combined the world
Psych or Reverse-Psych? Al Qaeda (maybe) has their say in the US elections. A group claiming to have links with Al Qaeda said...it supported President Bush in his reelection campaign, and would prefer him to win in November rather than the Democratic candidate John Kerry, as it was not possible to find a leader "more foolish than you (Bush), who deals with matters by force rather than with wisdom."
Unnecessary caesareans worldwide Leading the pack for many years in C-section birth rate was Brazil, but its place has now been taken over by Chile (which has a rate of 40%). While some say patient choice is responsible for these numbers, others say that patients are compelled to choose c-sections by doctors. Another reason may be Brazil's Church-influenced policy on sterilization and contraception. more inside
National map showing rough distribution of American party contributions. Click on the pie graphs to get more detailed on each city. Here's Manhattan. You can ever check out your own neighborhood, though I don't like the idea of having my address put up on the internet.
"Nessie on the Web" site reveals the truth IS out there!

Thrilling photos and exciting scientific evidence are awfully eye opening.