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March 17, 2004

Jack Chick seems to be the latest to jump on the feature film bandwagon. With his new straight to DVD feature, which, by all accounts is essentially a full color Chick Tract with voiceovers, Jack is set to take his empire ofintolerance and conversion into the 21st century. There are even plans to translate the film into a babel-rific 1000 languages!
Wrongly convicted prisoners face bills for board and lodgings The most jaw dropping act from a supposedly left-wing government since, well the last one
The Girl Next Door Documentry filmmaker Christine Fugate made the movie The Girl Next Door about porn star Stacy Valentine. The film has received strong reviews and played at the Slamdance Film Festival. You can watch a trailer for the movie. I (think) it's a real player file.
why America is safer (for propoganda) At some point in 2003, this site went from the official site of U.S. House Majority Leader Armey to a cog in the american propaganda machine. How long until the title changes to 'victory in Iran/Syria/Venezuela/Jamaica'?
I want to create an omelet that expresses the meaninglessness of existence, and instead they taste like cheese. (via Bifurcated Rivets)
Becoming Human. Journey through the story of human evolution, if you have flash and a big ass compoota.
New Black Hole Sun music video. Vortical interfaces between immiscible fluids.
Mark Cuban has a weblog Controversial owner of the Dallas Mavericks and dot.com billionare is telling it like it is.
The Bathroom Readers' Institute (yes, they publish books to read on the can) is sponsoring a contest to complete the World
Do you believe in Super Heroes? Well, little monkeys, I do. Meet Angle Grinder Man. The self-professed "wheel-clamp and speed camera vigilante cum subversive superhero philanthropist entertainer type personage". WHAM! BOOM! POW! Take that Batman, Wonderwoman, et al. Whoever al is. Snarfled from Boing Boing
iPod 3: Coming 2018 to a doubleplusgood near you.
Allworkandnoplaymakesjackadullboy. Video stolen utterly shamelessly from waxy; yes, again.
Don't have a C-section, go to jail. Melissa Rowland has been charged with murder for refusing a caesarean section that could have saved the life of one of her twins. In a nation where caesarean rates have reached almost 25% and doctors have couched the procedure in women's rights trappings while massaging numbers to make them sound safer than vaginal births, this seems worrisome. Caesareans and episiotomies are often used because they are convenient for doctors - not safer or more comfortable for patients. Will this case, if the woman is convicted, lead to a greater restriction of patient choice in birth plans? more inside
New Words and Phrases to mend! The Wordspy is dedicated to lexpionage or "the sleuthing of new words and phrases", and is a must for word freaks, writers, and those who relish the byways and new coinages of the English language. via Michael Quinion's World Wide Words newsletter, which also comes highly recommended.
Curious George Metafilter's charter is to present the 'best of the web'. Monkeyfilter seemingly follows that as well. Maybe, we could expand that a bit. more inside
v-2 Organisation. From day one, v-2 more inside
Rumsfeld Eats His Own Words On Television On Face the Nation, Sec of Defense Donald Rumsfeld claimed that the administration wasn't using the words "immediate threat." He stated those words are "folklore" created by the press. Trouble is that he used those very words in a CNN article that was quoted back to him on television.
Best Hans Blix Quote EVER. Today NPR's Morning Edition featured an interview with former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix, who addressed the possibility that his phone had been tapped: Well, sometimes I thought so. We always assumed that it was likely -- and it's an uneasy, an unpleasant feeling. . . . Now I say, somewhat jokingly: Look, it's one thing that they bugged us; I wish they had listened more attentively to what we said.
<b>Curious, George:</b> The big questions. While enjoying a quiet beverage the other night, a friend and I started to wonder what three questions we would ask a source of all knowledge, if one happened to be around. Our three were: (1) Who shot JFK? (2) What happened the Marie Celeste? (3) How did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids? So what would other Monkeys go for?