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March 16, 2004

Model trains your thing? They aren't mine, but this looks pretty neat for a certain sort of monkey.
Curious, George: Feeling watched? Not that I've got anything to hide *COUGH cough*, but I've become interested on anti-surveillance gizmos. How could I know anyone has set up some hidden camera on me, at some common area, or even at my own place? Has any attending monkey here ever used something like this?
Eric Gill was an engraver, typographer, writer, and social reformer. I can't seem to find anything very in-depth about his thoughts on social reform, but I sure like his prints and engravings.
What Beastly Spectacles are here! I think the feigning fox is my favorite, but the sweet-breathed panther and of course the bees are appealing features of The Abedeen Bestiary. more inside
Pathetic Geek Stories Ever wonder what your most pathetic geek story from jr. high/high school would look like in cartoon form? Now ya do.
You can thank Star Trek for your cell phone. Can transporters and tricorders be too far off? The answer is yes, they can, but it's an interesting article anyway.
Geometrical Animation Generators Browser friendly pages of Animated and Interactive Java applet simple maths graphics, more fun than you can shake a fractalating glow worm-stick at, not to mention somewhat literary bent more inside
Kunstformen der Natur "Artforms of Nature" as drawn by 19th century german physician ernst haeckel. really, really beautiful images, showing just a wee bit of the variety in life on this planet, from unicellular diatoms to plants to mammals. (this has been aired on mefi but seems to be new here.) more inside
Is "progress" the opposite of "Congress"? It's posturing, and it won't get anywhere, but if any Monkeys happen to live in Kentucky's Second District, you need to contact your representative now and tell him to knock it off. [via Atrios.]
Gulag and Mass Gymnastics Under Communism are two virtual exhibitions from the Open Society Archives.
I love pigeons! I know, some folks insist they are simply "rats with wings." And I know, I know, they can overbreed and cause lots of problems. But I still think they
Err.. only 5.6% are unemployed, rest are ..uh, discouraged or marginal
Dirty Computers Research shows that toilet seats are the cleanest items in the office. Computer keyboards are 67 times dirtier than toilet seats, whilst phones are 512 times dirtier. more inside
Sometimes, we love lawyers. 59 years ago, Teddy Draper Sr was a Navajo Code Talker injured at the battle of Iwo Jima. George P. Parker Jr thought it wasn't right that he had recieved no recognition or veterans' benefits for his service, and set about getting them. more inside
Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black
Font-porn video link.
Metafilter wins Best Community Blog at the Bloggies. Next year it's MonkeyFilter time!
De Humani Corporis Fabrica. An atlas of the human body from the mid-1500s.
Domino's gunman described as 'vampire slayer.' A witness who saw White lingering outside Domino's on the day of the shooting said that when he asked White what he was doing, White replied that he was "vampire hunting." more inside
FBI most wanted terrorist caught in Vancouver, B.C. more inside
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Last year, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries released the poem(?) Operation Nukorea, a harrowing tale about a North Korean invasion of South Korea. It was discussed on Metafilter last April. In response, possibly, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries have now released Metablast, turning the thread into poetry, or art, or both. (Discussed here, to continue the metafiltering). (via Metafilter) more inside