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March 11, 2004

Too Old To Rock, Too Young To Die Via Obscure Store.
Want a real office, with a door? Now you can have one! Well, sort of.
New wave of Jessica Simpson jokes in 5...4...3... The dumb blonde can't even spell "desert"! No wait... it IS supposed to be "dessert". Love the re-purposing of the old Charlie the Tuna "good taste - taste good" meme. more inside
Bra Tax I couldn't make this up if I tried. This is another great idea from George W. Bush. The president recently said his critics support "protectionist trade barriers." The bizarre thing is he brags about his support of free trade and then does things like this. more inside
ETA suspected in Madrid bombings. I have long been fascinated by the mysterious Basque & have some general knowledge of the ETA/Basque separatist issues...they are historically rooted much more deeply than most people realize. For a more scholarly source on these matters also see Emmanuel Leroy Lauderie's Montaillou, the Promised Land of Error, a definitive work.
Ultima comics: Imanewbie. A fading souvenir of Ultima Online in its glory days. This classic comic strip starts off with Imanewbie simply being snuffed by player killers, but it eventually weaves a hilarious tale of life in Britannia and things that should not be. A must-see for any Ultima fan. A request - please share any other great comics you know of that parody an an actual computer game (Sims is one possible candidate).
The Ides Of March ...are almost upon us. It turns out, though, that J.Caesar did not die after all. He later wrote such memorable books as the 'Esoteric exercises in subtlety'. In England he became a judge and was knighted. He then took up painting (my favourite is the one of George Biggins in a balloon). Later still, he took up cricket, being a member of the first England team to tour the USA - 'the first Yankee I meet on British ground I shall give a hiding to...'. Does anyone know what he's doing these days?
More than 170 people killed in Madrid bomb attacks. A string of deadly blasts has hit three Madrid train stations during the rush hour with latest reports speaking of more than 170 people killed. Spain's government has blamed Basque separatist group Eta for the attacks which come ahead of Sunday's elections. more inside
Morality in a Monkey's Mind
The capture of Osama bin Laden. "In order to save time, the following article is being printed several months ahead of schedule as a service to readers and nascent conspiracy theorists."
Fetid Milter The runions are grunning in the Golden State. more inside
The Men You Hate to Love
Gym teacher from Hell: It seems the woman made a boy perform so many push-ups that it caused kidney failure. more inside
How it feels to see God killed. The Archbishop of Canterbury (the Anglican Church's nearest equivalent to the Pope) reviews the stage adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. more inside
The Sine Fiction series is an electronic music project in which "each release is an invented soundtrack to a notable science fiction novel." The catalog currently includes compositions based on Orwell's 1984, Asimov's Foundation, Burroughs's cutup trilogy (Nova Express, The Soft Machine, The Ticket that Exploded), Calvino's Ti Con Zero, and the Strugatsky brothers' Roadside Picnic, among others.