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March 10, 2004

Karen Kwiatkowski: Whistleblower Karen Kwiatkowski is a conservative and and retired career Air Force officer. She was shocked by the incompetence, lying, and public hostility from neoconservatives during her time (in the now defunct) Office of Special Plans.
Instead of developing defense policy alternatives and advice, OSP was used to manufacture propaganda for internal and external use, and pseudo war planning.
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The libertarian purity test. "You are a soft-core libertarian. With effort, you may harden and become pure." [via DayPop.]
Fantasies about... um... Tonya Harding. "It's been a long ten years since the Olympics and Lillehammer. The Fantasy area is all in fun and is not to be taken seriously. So, these Fantasies are just for adults. We hope you have a sense of humor about it all ..."
Curious, George: E-mail appointment book. I need a dayplanner, but I'm often not at home or office, or not on my usual computer. The only thing that's predictable is that I'm on E-mail every morning. Is there a reliable E-mail-based calendar "service" where I can maintain my schedules with a Web interface? My obligations could be E-mailed to me every morning. That would rock!
Manhattan Monkey Man. "A wanna-be Dr. Dolittle was busted yesterday [9 Mar] for turning his tiny Manhattan apartment into an urban Animal House." Will elderly New York socialites abandon their Pekingese dogs for monkeys and Bengal-Siberian tigers? [via monkeywire. more monkey photos available in the gallery.]
That was then, this is now. Then: In a debate with Vice President Al Gore in October 2000, Bush said: 'I believe they've moved that sign, `The buck stops here,' from the Oval Office desk to `The buck stops here' on the Lincoln Bedroom. And that's not good for the country." Now: President Bush opened the White House and Camp David to dozens of overnight guests last year, including foreign dignitaries, family friends and at least nine of his biggest campaign fund-raisers, documents show.
Hey you guuuuuuuuuuuuys! This site offers up a good batch of MP3. and video clips from
Magic Wiggler Worm Ranch. Now, we know you are sitting there wondering, "Who in the world would need that many worms!" The answer is simple......Everyone ! ! !
Idea to track a stolen laptop. Using a customized default browser homepage, no less. I thought this might interest some monkeys. Run it up the old flagpole, etc. "The computer would, in effect, send a beacon back to its owner after being stolen." Interesting. Via kottke
You keep using that word, but I do not think you know what it means. Apparently "abstinence" means "sex without contraceptives" when filtered through the ears of teenagers.
Steve Ballmer's iPod Ad. Crazy-ass Steve Ballmer's notorious Dance-Monkeyboy-Dance vid turned into an iPod sillhouette routine. Whoooeeeeaaaaah! Snarfled from Boing Boing
Mathematics for Monkeys If you thought (or think) mathematics is boring; for mathematicians to ponder over; useless, then Cut The Knot wants you as its visitor.
Got change for a million? Georgia woman tries to pass a counterfeit $1 million bill at Wal-Mart for $1675 worth of merchandise.
The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia
The 2004 World Clown Association Convention , "Up, Up & Away", opened today in Albuquerque. It's got a terrific schedule schedule (PDF), so if you're in the area why not go along? more inside
" it was against the law for any company to sell or market any unapproved diagnostic test." Farmers cannot legally rapid test their own cattle for Mad Cow disease in the US.
Researchers reverse effects of sterilising cancer treatment in women Women who previously were made sterile by chemotherapy or other cancer treatments may still be able to have children later by removing ovarian tissue before treatment, freezing it and later implanting it under the skin. Sounds awful, but this has amazing potential.
The Grittiest Job
Images and context of America's coal miners. Especially worth visitng and moving are the images of the 'breaker boys' and other children who worked in the mines.
'Street Justice'? Last night in a NHL game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver forward Todd Bertuzzi completely sucker punched and tackled Colorado rookie Steve Moore This resulted in Moore being taken off the ice on a stretcher with a severe concussion and a fractured neck. Vancouver Police are now investigating the incident more inside
lowbright. Comics to make love to. (Formerly small stories) more inside