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March 08, 2004

Spalding Gray found dead. Monologist Spalding Gray disappeared two months ago, and now everyone's worst fears have been confirmed.
John Allison Interview John Allison is the creator of the online comic strips Bobbins and Scary Go Round. He discusses his work (he sounds like he's not looking to get syndicated) and how he makes a living. This comment was says a lot about Allison. Sales are healthy enough to constitute a large part of my living. People like to support the comic and I really don't like the idea of donations, it's too much like begging. I try to make good products that people will want to buy, at a reasonable price. I refuse to sell anything that I wouldn't buy myself, just so people can blow their money on trinkets. My friends shake their heads at my ghastly, moralistic ways.
Curious George: Stopping site abuse? I know that MoFi imposed some sort of waiting period to deal with this problem, but any other tried and true methods of stopping script kiddies (et cetera)? more inside
Hypochondriac? ... or just worried you might be one? Search the database of symptoms and diseases and find out. You may be sick, and not even know it!
Poems made from spam Poems constructed from the subject lines of spam. I'm sure I could knock out a couple of these if only I hadn't cleared out my inbox half an hour ago...
The Mongol Rally! "On the 28th July this year London will witness the launch of the Mongol Rally, the world's most extreme car race. From here a horde of the least likely vehicles will be winding their way across 1/3rd of the world to Mongolia. The rules are simple, cars must be less than 1ltr and teams need to raise
How is the universe going to end? An entertaining article all about the freezing/burning/infinite/finite/depressing/exciting end of the universe, and the eschatologists who contemplate it. "Eschatology — it's a great word. I had never heard of it until I discovered I was doing it."
The 16 Best-ever Freeware Utilities. So they say. I use a few of 'em. I also use a few of the ones from here, which I find pretty useful. There's some good ones here, too.
The Photography Collections of George Eastman House: the index of photographers includes Matthew Brady, Yousuf Karsh, Alfred Stieglitz, and Man Ray. This extensive and varied site is being continually added to, and is worth returning to. Happy exploring.
Comedy writer David Feldman is running for president. "I am a Patriot who believes you should never burn the American flag. Because I'm an environmentalist I recommend boiling the American flag. Although I have no military experience in the traditional sense, once while standing over a urinal in Spain I drowned a grasshopper with nothing but my stream." His other columns are worth checking out, too.
The Anti-Barbie Club
The Exorcist in 30 Seconds. Oh, and it's re-enacted by bunny rabbits. I'm sure I laughed too much at this to be quite normal. FLASH required Seen at zFilter
The History of Computing Project Is a collaborative effort to record and publish the history of the computer and its roots in the broadest sense of the word. I'm feeling rootsy. Here ya go... My first computer My first console Commercials Clothes Game anyone?
The geek shall inherit the Earth ...but this writer isn't so sure that is a good thing. [via Arts and Letters Daily] more inside
To Smoke Or Not To See
Curious, George: Noise. What's with the proliferation of subwoofer bass? Seems five years ago I hardly heard it; nowadays I can't go a day without getting bone-jarring doses. A Google search on the issue turns up very little, nobody I know seems to care, and I know cops & city hall aren't concerned. Lately I've wondered if I've become hypersensitive after living in a quiet rural area from 2000-2003. I want to ask fellow MoFi'ers: How is the noise where you live?
Take the final exam for the University of Georgia course 'Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball'. Just another sports scandal, or the ultimate Internet Quiz?
Led Zeppelin - The Satanic Message in Stairway to Heaven. (Flash) more inside
FBI Guide To Concealable Weapons