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March 06, 2004

Making Friends
The Found Objects community at LiveJournal is my latest timesink. The Old Skool Starbucks logo, complete with semi-naked mermaid, made my day. Alas, what initially caught my eye was Kaba Kick. Russian roulette for kids!
Korean Poop Toon. Holy crap! Dunno how to describe this.. uh.. it's got dancing grubs of some sort, a very ky00t tune with high pitched singing, and lots of (fake) turds which reveal their origins. It even shows how the animators made the fake turds at the end. FLASH animation - SFW I think, unless the boss is looking over your shoulder & your volume is up too loud (it's in Korean). Snarfled from Random-Abstract
MonkeyDigest #1 Ripe Bananas more inside
How does 4000 frames per second sound to you? Sounds mighty fine to me. more inside
Woman finds fingertip in salad CNN offbeat news reports with photo , that a woman in Ohio discovered a fingertip in her salad at a local burger joint. Can anyone spot it?? Maybe I'm blind, or need to eat more bananas, but I can't spot it.
Human Beatboxing. You have reached the most comprehensive website dedicated to the art of vocal percussion, aka beatboxing. Often cited as the 5th element of hip hop, beatboxing is fast becoming recognised as an art-form in its own right. You will find everything related to beatboxing right here on this website. These guys even got to Human Beatbox on Eastenders (Britain's most popular TV program). (Via Mr Biffo.com) more inside
A three-headed frog. That's right, a frog with three heads. And six legs! Think of the French people it could feed! Mmmmm-mmm, that's some good eatin'. With pic. more inside