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March 03, 2004

Tooltip Advertisments Maybe I'm behind the curve, but here's something I've never seen before: advertisements embedded in a mouseover/ tooltip & indicated as such by a double underline. One more cipher in the rich internet wasteland.
For them, 'gays in the military' is a necessity: The Semen Warriors Of New Guinea. Inspired by a recent comment by flashboy. Oh, and here is the corresponding MeFi thread.
What You See is Not What You Get Or, how everyone thought that major newspaper websites online represented the content of the print edition and were wrong.
A small victory in the fat war McDonalds will be eliminating "super size" items from its menu, bending to pressure to cater to Americans' growing preference for healthier food options. Here's a healthier food option for you: don't eat any fast food, period..
FMA just doesn't quite go far enough eh? It seems that some on the right don't think the Presidents new Federal Marriage Amendment cuts it. They argue that it's a sellout, endorsing unmarried homosexuality. I have a feeling they would prefer this amendment, from Protestants for the Common Good.
Snarky but nice. Moomin meets Lewis Carroll.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Jesus Beanie. And... "at the request of the children, each Jesus Beanie comes with attached underwear!"
Curious George: Setting up a server. Has anyone here had any experience of setting up and running a server from home? more inside
Lessig blames himself Not a lawyer? Wondered what went wrong with a Supreme Court decision that had HUGE implications for modern culture? After a year of pain, Lawrence Lessig finally delineates ALL the mistakes in the Eldred case, and he doesn't hesitate in pointing the finger. (via Metafi)
Dating advice for the male porn star. Carly takes time out from her job in porn PR to update the ever-entertaining Pornblography with some suggestions for male porn stars - on how to get dates. Probably NSFW. more inside
Apocamon : The Final Judgement
Strange Visions Plus a New World Order: French comics, anyone? Or Latin American, then? Or consider the real rules of Inglish spelling? Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse offers many different tidbits, opinions, and -- for me, the crown jewel in a diadem of rare and fascinating pages-- the wealth of information on Vertual Verduria, indepensible for anyone contemplating a venture into world-building. more inside
abbie the cat has a posse is the perfect antidote to Super Tuesday overload. more inside
Bottled water actually tap water. Coca-Cola admits that its Dasani brand of bottled water is, in the UK, made from tap water in Kent. UK water groups are in arms over the implications for plain tap water, and, hopefully, consumers will be as well, since filtered tap water and filtered source water are different products and probably shouldn't be marketed as interchangeable. The interesting spin on this (not terribly well-reported) story is that it also broke in Canada in July, 2002. How is it that their other production facilities weren't questioned? What about the point made in the Canadian article - does this use of municipal water supplies tax the system, and how is Coke remunerating the city? And how did no one ever notice that an urban production facility would need to have their water brought in from an outside source? more inside
John Edwards Quitting Race Now the real fun begins. Who will be Kerry's running mate? I'm thinking Clark. How dirty will the campaign be? Bush called Kerry to congratulate him. Oliver Willis has a parody of that conversation. It seems that Kerry-basher Glenn Reynolds doesn't have anything to say.
kozyndan. kozyndan are Los Angeles based mad scientists. they are working on a secret formula for controlled nuclear fusion, and are creating a line of edible chickens. For fun they like to take long deep breaths and dip their heads into bowls of rasberry jelly and lemon curd. They live indoors and don't paint on walls. the couple also moonlights as freelance illustrators. more inside
Dr. Seuss Turns 100
The monkeys all watched with bananas in hand As luminous browsers lit up 'cross the land Awash with web pages that carried the news of the ninety-tenth birthday of good Dr. Seuss. more inside
dogster.com - where every dog has a web page
Cubby, Pomeranian Nicknames: Cubster Likes: Human Food, Tummy Rubs Pet-Peeves: Snow, cold weather, baths, dog food Favorite Toy: Rattle, Stuffed Animals Favorite Food: Peanut Butter, Steak, Chicken, Carrots, Celery
Transhumanism. Vernor Vinge on the Singularity. A rather old article, but a good one. Wrap your frontal lobes around this one, fellow domesticated primates. more inside