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March 01, 2004

Now that you
And I thought we were supposed to be nicer here: MonkeyFilter is a Metafilter clone, only with more screws and less spanking. more inside
Deep-Sea Fish For years I've been wanting to see actual photos of these scary creatures. Here they are. [Via Metafilter]
Puzzle Pirates! A massively multiplayer online RPG with a distinctly more sedate attitude. Sail ships, drink, pump the bilges, fight other pirates, all with block puzzles. Imagine Final Fantasy meets Tetris meets Playmobil. Friendly, free, easy to play and frighteningly addictive.
Stalin gave Russia crabs and now Scandinavia's got them. Joseph Stalin introduced giant Pacific crabs to north-eastern Europe in the 1930s (the maniac!) but now the monster crustaceans are marching south along Norway's coast devouring everything in their path. Gah! more inside
Cool Fonts for Free dinc! free fonts by Diane DiPiazza -- retro-style fonts for Mac or PC. And they're free! Collect 'em all!
Clothes for bloggers, by bloggers. Pretty hilarious shirts. The "portable blog" is classic. Found via Metafilter.
King Offa  was a Muslim. The old English King, famous for his dyke, adopted Islam in the eigth century. Oh no he didn't. Nothing about it in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, anyway. But it is remarkable that the first gold coin the English ever minted bears a clear profession of the Islamic faith.
Curious George: Screen shots? I just got a new computer, and I have what appears to be the latest version of XP. How do I make a screen shot? (more inside) more inside
What did the perp look like? Yet another fun little face creator. I thought it might be interesting to get some police-style sketches of the other monkeys in this barrel. more inside
Fun little face creator with accessories. Another find via Metafilter (Crunchland post) more inside
Farm Sluts: The Movie is a great way to start your week, but be warned. It's LONG. Truly SFW, I swear. (via the always brilliant biriv)
John Edward has been required under the (Oz) Fair Trading Act to prove he talks with the dead or admit his show is a scam. more inside
What does Tori Spelling want for her wedding? Stuff that I would have though a rich actress would already have. Not the greatest security in the world...
Help the CIA Find Weapons of Mass Destruction In Iraq When in doubt, get people online to help you find those elusive weapons of mass destruction.
The Arcata Police Log.