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February 25, 2004

Slipping past the censors. And onto kiddie TV. I hated Rainbow asa child, mostly because it was so condescending compared to other kids TV. I must vave missed being traumatised by this one.
Depression Many mysteries remain, but scientists are making progress in understanding what causes depressive disorders and how various treatments work. (via Linkfilter)
Protein blocks AIDS Virus in monkeys
The Stand should be required reading for biologists. It's bad enough that bird flu might jump species - so let's help it along! Does this give anyone else the creeps? more inside
When you get sick of the fancy language of debate, try sarcasm! The chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors proposes to cover job losses in the manufacturing sector by... redifining McDonalds staff as manufacturing workers. In response, John Dingell tires of maintaining a non-snarky facade. [PDF]
Tribute to Goatse.cx. First page is SFW, but beyond it there be Goatses. [Via Milk and Cookies.]
Self-policing rehash - Things have been a little different around here for a week or so, do we need a little reality check? more inside
Top 100 Sports Moments on Some fun memories from hilarious episodes, here, although I'm not exactly sure how Miss Vicki's tap dancing class (#85) is considered a sport. Tappa-tappa-tappa.
The Beach Boy's "Smile" Album 1966. Inspiration for Sgt. Pepper. Brian Wilson at his peak. Superlative. Superlative. Superlative. Etc. Have you Lived without this album?? more inside
ok..not quite what you're thinking more inside
If I Had A MONKEY ... the Best Source for Metaphorical Violence Against The Monkey You Don't Even Have in the Whole Wide World! (Don't miss the List of Evil.)
Mutant Bosnian brothers have extra kidneys! A pair of Bosnian guys who claim to be able to drink anyone under the table with no ill-effects apparently each have an extra set of fully functioning kidneys. Blimey!
An attempt at Constitutional destruction. These yahoos are relying on their own interpretation of Article III of the Constitution to claim that the judiciary is subordinate to the legislature, not independent. All that does is turn 200 years of settled American law on its head. All that does is leave all or rights and protections swingin' in the political breeze.
Origins of Band Names If you've ever been curious about this--and being Monkeys I know you are--this is the site for you.
The Takin , with its dignified sidewhiskers and sometimes small, inadequate-looking horns, may have been the source of the Golden Fleece; contrary to the general belief, it is probably not related to the musk ox. They have no sweat glands but 'their entire body secretes an oily, strong smelling substance that is said to have a burning taste' ('said to have'? - isn't it part of a zoologist's job to taste the bodily secretions of ungulates??). more inside
Land the plane (Flash. In German, just use arrow keys. Plane descends at uniform rate.)
Curious George: Running a *filter site Just because filmfilter, geekfilter, sportsfilter, and everythingelsefilter aren't enough, I'm thinking of setting up my own *filter site. I have a few questions for anybody who runs such a site, and one question for users of those sites. more inside
Curious George: 1) MoFi 2)??? 3) Profit! more inside
Quino Really impressive flash cartooning, "someone set us up the bomb" engrish aside. And if you can speak Japanese check out this Golgo-13 likealook from the same animator: Gonorego.
A Shorter History Of Lego.