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February 11, 2004

If he cheats on his new bride, he's a dead man. No, wait.... Interesting philosophical (what is a man? what is marriage?) and legal (what is the interest of the state in sanctioning this union?) ramifications. Clearly the U. S. needs a Constitutional amendment to defend traditional marriage against this new French threat. [via Volokh]
'Bush and I were lieutenants' - An open letter to the editor from one of Bush's squadron mates. It corroborates evidence from the White House that Bush served his time and was not AWOL, as many Democrats allege... more inside
Transformers: Robots in Disguise! In the vein of x-entertainment and i-mockery, I submit a complete catalog of Transformers instruction scans: Autobots and Decepticons.
1 Player Online Scrabble. (via Spike Magazine)
Curious George: Meta...what? Maybe this is not the place to ask but, what happened with MeFi? I cannot reach it by any means and I have been trying for the past few days, and the Google cache is 3 days old already. It is me or the site is down?
It's not just individual dirty words that caught author Jonathan Chamberlain
Best in Show! Behold this year's winner at the the Westminster Kennel Club, a Newfoundland named Josh. Lord Byron had a Newfoundland named Boatswain, which he memorialized in poetry (judging by the painting, I'd guess Boatswain must have been a Landseer.)
Have a nice cuppa. And while you're at it, admire the hard work of the scientists struggling to help you make the perfect food. Perfect so long as you aren't a vegan, that is.
Studio Tanuki has a host of excellent, strange, french fun activities. Watch the inimitable Catfish Hotel movie, check out PinPin Le Lapin, play a frustrating round of Strip Poker (hint: the computer cheats... "hihihihihi!") then take a whirl at this exceedingly difficult to follow Dating Simulator. You can play strip poker with the gentleman as well, if you care to. Oh those wacky French! Those wacky Japanese! thanks to Webzen for the Catfish Hotel link
Monkey Temptation
'It's the monkey or me' Redemption for two double posts in one week. A story of a pop idol, his wife, and the monkey that... tore them apart
Theory On the Bogus Nigerian Yellowcake Uranium Rodger A. Payne's has a theory on the bogus yellowcake uranium document that Joseph C. Wilson debunked to sheds. Payne's theory is plausible. He links to Symour Hersh's and Josh Marshall's thoughts on the subject. It sounds like Marshall is about to crack the story open. Is it just me or is Bush starting to look really beatable. He's got all these scandals on national security going on at once. If he looses the national security issue, I don't see what else he has to run on.
Downloadable valentines cards True Love expresses itself in strange ways. Some of these strange ways can be found at youyesyou. True Bitterness also expresses itself here, just in case something terrible's happened twixt you and a faux beau.
Snotty indian tech support? They're probably racist says India's economic times. Casteless Americans don't seem to engender much love in some of these people. More forward thinking Indians are getting over this however. The times are a changing, albeit slowly. My only question is WWJD?
Funko Wacky Wobblers
The Darker Side Of eBay. more inside