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February 05, 2004

"So you want to win a monkey, well you have come right place."
400! What does the future hold for the island of misfit monkeys?
Woman strikes oil in her toilet. Not sure if this will affect efforts to drill in ANWR, though.
Bizarre music: Beatles goes opera Revolution - An Operatic First by Madame Cathy Berberian
Monkey mind Thoughts pull attention here and there and may seem to take us out of meditation altogether; they become obsessive. Feeding the monkeys is buying into the show of proliferating thought, reifying it, being led off by it. [...] How does reflective awareness of thought and ideas differ from tossing bananas to the monkeys? If you don't meditate, feel free to substitute in its stead any activity that demands focus.
Slashdot is down As of 11:30 PM CST Slashdot, responsible for bringing down so many sites, appears to down with a 503 error which is indicates it is out of resources. I blame SCO which been down for while because of the latest internet parasite. more inside
Andrew Sullivan - Fact-checker of the NY Times Andrew Sullivan tore former New York Times editor Howell Raines and new asshole for the Jayson Blair's plagiarism. The only problem with that is he let Ruth Shalit and Stephen Glass do the same thing on his watch when he was editing the New Republic. Charles Lane had to clean up his mess. The Sullen Man was also fired from the New York Times for his own sloppy reporting and then told the Washington Post he was fired because of his blog. Someone explain to me why people take this man seriously.
They Made me Do It. Donnie Darko inspired graffiti. (flash required, unfortunately).
We heart David LaChapelle, photographer.
The Asian Imposter Hall Of Shame. Vaudeville and then Holywood had a distinctly odd way of portraying Asians. And you still wonder why Margaret Cho is pissed?