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February 04, 2004

All your friends are doing it. Don't you want to be cool too? - I've created a MonkeyFilter group at orkut.com. Any monkey who wants an invitation to join orkut send me an email. more inside
Monkey sperm alert Science has finally seen the light -- the fact that monkeys willl rule the world. more inside
China is tightening its control of the internet with the help of technology from foreign companies. Nevertheless, internet activism seems to be growing and many activists are successfully evading the government's control.
Extreme swearwords! Mr. Johnathan Lydon, aka 'Johnny Rotten', said a very rude thing on television last night. 28 years after his mate did a similar thing. more inside
CBS Will Run Whitehouse Medicare Ads The White House is using taxpayer dollars to promote (the already passed) Medicare Bill during an election year. It gets weirder. The new Medicare ads urge citizens to call 1-800-MEDICARE to hear more about the new law. And in "Big Brother" style, when you call that number you have to actually say out loud "Medicare improvement" in order to get information. The information you then receive is filled with distortions. The hotline claims the new Medicare "is the same Medicare you have always counted on"
Looking for a little geek love this Valentine's day? If chocolate sushi is out of your price range, a set of nerdily playful panties may be in your weblogging princess' future. Of course, be sure to visit the HTTP Status Codes so you can make your own jokes.
Evil 2 the Core "Hostile undergarments for smiling professionals." Hate your job? Your boss? Your clients? Say so on your undies! Ah, that's better.
Pet Sitters For Dean With the entire independent professional petsitters community behind him, how could he possibly lose?
The Hayao Miyazaki Web. more inside
Novello Finotti's Surreal Marble Sculpture
Carl De Keyzer's God Inc., Homo Sovieticus, India, and History Paintings.
Caution: Trunk Monkey. For those of you not fortunate enough to live in the Portland area, please enjoy the best commericals in the world.
Miles Iz Ded The video for the Afghan Whigs song Miles Iz Ded never aired uncut on MTV (if it aired at all.) The video contains a guy making out with a person in a chicken costume, a woman cutting her wrist open, graphic herion use, sex in a bathroom stall and all around weirdness. In case you haven't figured out: NSFW.
An LJ Book is a book with all your entries extracted from your LiveJournal!
The mandlebrot fractal reinterpreted
L'il G n' R Yes, it's the world's first Guns n' Roses kids' tribute band. more inside
VOTE!: Who Has The Messiest Desk?