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January 31, 2004

It's nearly a puzzling monkey, but not quite...
George Bush & the Pretty Faces President Bush had an interesting encounter with Scott Reid. Who works for Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. The President chuckled.
What do young kids think of classic rock? The easy way to find out is to take some young kids, have them review some classic rock standards and solicit their comments (with echoes of Radiohead rorschach test). Amusing.
"Since trying Michael Menkin
Timeless Skool Stories: Calling all 'swots, wets, weeds, tuoughs, ect ect': chiz chiz even if you have 'a face like a squished tomato' you may enjoy discovering life at a British boys skool, as recorded in the deathless prose of Nigel Molesworth (aka Molesworth One,or, the terror of St Custard's). more inside
Today in 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assasinated. more inside
It's Peanut Butter Terror Time! The terror alert banana automatically changes to whatever colour the current Department of Homeland Security threat level is. No security-conscious monkey should be without one. [Via Blort.]
The Site That Launched A Thousand Seinfeld Jokes. Things really WERE swankier before de-regulation!