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January 30, 2004

So, you've got yourself a Cockmonkey - now what? Congratulations! You've chosen a pet that will give you years of fun and pleasure if properly cared for and maintained. Good for you! more inside
I'm a cuckoo! Fun flash game from lovable pop band Belle & Sebastian.
Your Search for the Perfect Animated GIF is over
Some of my favorites:
Paper airplane, the always-useful "under construction", a Kilroy-style Homer, the self-referential "animation", and our favorite insulation shill playing sax. This is a world where everything is new new new.
Leisure Town: Though the original is down, someone was kind enough to mirror it. Get it while it lasts.
Brain plays a significant role in decision to mate "Like people, common marmosets live in family groups and do not mate freely with one another." Coming next: scientists reveal why people fear murderers. [via monkeywire]
MetaFilter unconditionally surrenders to MonkeyFilter. Citizens demand more, better monkey content. Redistribution of bananas to begin forthwith; Haughey to be replaced by macaque? more inside
Curious George: Timetravel info suggestions needed. more inside
From one little campaign scream a blast of new music emerges. (Warning: One click and you'll want to hear them all!)
Hektor - the grafitti-drawing robot.
Mayan Ruins A well laid out photographic atlas of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula.
Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943): In 1939 this young Jewish artist fled from Berlin to southern France, where she began painting. She produced a body of work (over 1,000 gouaches, text, and music) which she called Life? or Theatre? [click on "complete work" in link to see]. She gave her work to a friend shortly before she was sent to Auschwitz, where she was killed.
Game Girl Advance is a gaming site made with a literate, multi-gender, gawker-savvy audience in mind. Take a peek at Matthew Barney vs. Donkey Kong, Lara Croft Needlepoint and the first Playstation game to come with a vibrator (pun intended).
Donald Rumsfeld's Home Movie Donald, you should be more careful when there's a video camera around. This was taken when Reagan was in the White House.
Drunk American soaks crying Brazilian baby on airplane. Police said Duffy appeared to be drunk on the flight. When the baby began to cry, he complained he could not sleep. He then asked for a glass of water and doused the toddler with it as the shocked parents watched.
The main cause behind the catastrophic decline of Asian vultures may have been found. Hopefully this will lead to less use of the drug, and the Parsis won't have to resort to solar panels.
A Mannequin For Every Budget. The deeper you go, the weirder it gets...